Saturday, 9 May 2009

Trachycarpus fortunie

The palm almost unnoticed in a quiet corner with its three curving flowers

The strange blooms

Gardens are always full of surprises, usually when you least expect it, sometimes pleasant sometimes less so but tonight ambling (or was I pottering) along with a friend past the hairy trunk of the courtyard Chusan palm (otherwise known as Trachycarpus fortunie on high days and holidays) we found it had produced three extraordinary flowers. So this was one palm that proved excessively hardy and has even thrived in the recent unkind winter - although my little book assures me it is very hardy, originating from China and impossible to overfeed!
A small pleasure from the garden on this milky warm evening, bathed in golden sunlight, that promises a glorious sunset for its finale and please please a foal for tomorrow just perhaps....?