Sunday, 27 March 2011

Ooops British Summer Time

We woke up this morning to the mist swirling around the courtyard giving it an eerie other worldly appearance and then it happened we realised it was British summer time.... We raced off in record time to feed and turn the horses out returning in the nick of time to cook our house guest Breakfast. They all arrived serenely because of course they had all remembered was just us that forgot - maybe we're getting old. Meanwhile this week about the farm life continues, beside the stables the Robins have decided to stay again and build a nest in the Bay tree conveniently sited beside the entrance - just right for them to pop out to pick up any stray oats that we might drop when mixing the horses feeds. In fact they arrive precisely on time at each feeding time, perhaps they should be in charge of the clocks! We will listen in the weeks to come for the tell tall cheeping that comes with a successful brood - last year they reared two sets, populating the garden with flashing red breasts. And now after a day that warmed gently to the sun, the mist has closed in again blotting out the sky and leaving the palms stark shapes in the gloom, we continue into British Summer Time, it has a nice ring to it though doesn't it! And now can I point you towards a new link on the right to a lovely local Lady's blog for all of the news about Perranuthnoe take a look I know you'll enjoy it particularly if you are visiting Perranuthnoe.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Follow the garden

Each day i follow the progress of the daffodils in the garden like an anxious parent monitoring the progress of a school child and each day I'm rewarded as the blooms seem larger and brighter as the days grow longer and warm to the spring.

The lawn mover is back form her yearly service and now assaulting the garden once more with a steady chug and I see has pulled his old walking boots out from under the stairs in preparation for the long mowing season in front of him. The rabbits are continuing with their sterling work in the secluded Italian discreetly mowing the turf to a fine cut - in fact you could quite like them for that alone!

Whilst we are not too busy Danni can practise some dressage in the gravel car park under the Date palms

and for the rest of the horses it's business as usual mowing the fields that's Dolly this morning on our front field with Perranuthnoe in the background.

and finally the daffodils have reached their zenith for this year around our granite memory stone at the very end of the garden - come and stay soon or they will all be gone!

Sunday, 13 March 2011

a fabulous morning

It is such a gorgeous day today in West Cornwall that the horses have managed to go out to the Fields without their rugs today - April popped over to admire the garden her lovely heart shaped head silhouetted against ST Micheal's Mount

You may notice that she is a tad ....whisper portly at the moment - that is because she is due to foal in May if all goes well

and of course the view from our kitchen window this morning - you could almost count the houses of Penzance and Newlyn across Mounts Bay...........hurry along summer hurry along!!

Friday, 11 March 2011

Ollie Cat in the morning

Ollie Cat enjoys a short stroll before Breakfast and this morning i caught him waiting for the guests to arrive for Breakfast (because they were bound to open the front door weren't they?) from the kitchen window overlooking the Parterre. Of course artful puss soon spotted me and moved up to the door step ....who could resist his every demand!

Strangely looking out of the kitchen window this morning I spotted a whole field of daffodils just below St Micheal's Mount - I'm sure they weren't there yesterday!

Friday, 4 March 2011

Gig in the dusk

We followed the huge glow of the setting sun towards Penzance last night to sit beside the sea shore in Marazion between the beach and the marshes, contentedly watching the couples that stride the fore shore. As dusk fell and the Marazion Gig club pulled back across the almost silken sea in front of St Micheal's Mount. to be dragged from the water onto the sand- impossible plump and ungainly on the sand, with the crew in little earnest knots around them, before they carried them away into the boat house concealed by the darkness and we were left with the gentle lapping of the waves.