Friday, 20 April 2012

A week of rainbows

A sailing ship on Mounts Bay from the Ednovean Farm courtyard

It has been a week for rainbows this week with the weather swinging from mood to mood at seemingly a whim and now I'll say the required "of-course-we-needed-the-rain" Now is that better? -no not really but we have had days with stunning blue seas beyond in Mounts Bay and days when showers raced towards us blocking out St Micheal's Mount with the skis suddenly clearing in our season of rainbows.

The view from the Apricot room courtyard across Mounts
Bay to Newlyn

I popped out on to the Apricot room courtyard/patio/terrace to take this view down over the little formal sundial garden and out across the bay on Sunday and on Monday set off on an adventure with Danni to the horses hospital in Gloc for an MRI scan at the b&W Equine Clinic leaving Charles with our guests and horses and cats ........they all survived well, but you should have seen the heap of washing beside the machine when I eventually got home. Still we had a successful outcome as the found that he had a slight strain to his  Lateral Collateral Ligament of the Coffin Joint. Danni had a stable full of soft shavings to sleep for the night and Charles had booked my into a pub on the Canal Towpath for the night - The Tudor Arms -very very comfy atmospheric bar, amazingly quiet, modern style designer bedrooms with super soft beds, powerful showers in the chic little bathrooms and great bar food on tap from lunchtime until late! Once Danni was tucked up after his first day of tests, we checked in ( I travelled with a girl friend) and spent a happy few hours getting lost on the canal path with a loop back across farm land. We found a place in the conservatory for Breakfast overlooking the lock gates  but alas nothing happened but it was so nice to have Breakfast cooked especially for me!! Danni was a good boy for his scans and we were on the way back to Cornwall by 3.30. How welcoming our car park and stable yard looked that night, with all of the lights on and Dani's stable door flung open for him that night. It was just the huge heap of washing the next few days really.........!

Ollie found a sunny place beside the Greek pots in
the courtyard

So there you slightly truant but with good cause and a nice place to stay to recomend! And don't forget the Porthleven Food Festival tomorrow around their historic harbour

Friday, 13 April 2012

Over the garden wall

Our entrance at Ednovean Farm tucked under the lane

How lovely it has been this week, to watch the countryside unfold its wings and take on the mantle of approaching summer. The lanes are laced with bluebells framed by the exuberant hawthorn, tiny star like blooms making an impossible froth of nothingness against the sky. As i make my way along the lane to feed our brood mares before breakfast each morning, the pastures are spangled with dew and the crouching forms of rabbits, sun shining pinkly through their ears, as they freeze when they see me or causally hop away. I'm usually accompanied on these walks by Spud trotting authoritatively beside me, whiskers at a jaunty angle, occasionally he set of in a vain pursuit of a rabbit before returning to my side, my self appointed Rabbit guardian

Some days their is something quite different to catch my eye, like the Sail training ship that moored tantalisingly out of my camera's capabilities for a night but then relented and moved nearer to the Mount, yesterday and I wa able to get one shot of her over the garden wall. i looked out again for her in the morning but she was gone - our guests in the Blue room told me at Breakfast time that they had watch her set sail later in the evening - oh well still special but i wish the light had been better.

Over the Garden wall at Ednovean Farm
the sail trianing ship

Gardening tool lay ready for me

The little courtyarde beside the house is just right for Tea in the
afternoon now

The garden is starting to mellow and glow with new growth, each day bringing new changes and I celebrate each bursting leaf for its promise of warm days, just as the horse relish the greener pastures.

When the Telegraph asked for pictures it occured to us that we didn't like any of our bedroom photos- the suptle restyling that happens over time to keep up with changing tastes just wasn't in our pictures so eventually Charles ot out his tripod and took some pics of the Apricot room and I passed the vacant Pink room yesterday evening as the door stood and loved the way the sun caught the room highlighting some areas and leaving others. That bed was built in the room many years ago now, it wa supplied by the Guild of Woodcarvers - I must admit I hadn't realised it would b quite so big but it is oh so cosy on a stormy night!

The rather mis named Apricot room - originally it had Apricots on Laura Ashley curtains - the name stuck and the curtains are history!

The Blue room is very difficult to photograph as the sun streaming through the french doors dazzling the camera but this is a cosy corner of it

and what of the horses this week - well Danni has ben taking it easy baby sitting Bodkin who has now been weaned from his poor Mum April but actually he is thriving and a charming person to have around as well - Danni has become quite fond of the little rascal. Bodkin has been trying to infiltrate the youngsters group this week - we've introduced him to one at a time and today he met the whole herd - alas he was made to go into another field on his own so he has do do a little more work on that one! We rescue him each afternoon and he tucks himself up to sleep in hi stable probably comparing notes with Danni!


Fatherr Danilon practising his Spanish Walk

Danilon taking his morning nap under the sky light

And that was our week!

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Happy Easter!

Our Easter table with a little "chocolaty" treat for each guest!

May we wish you all a very Happy Easter - not too much chocolate for breakfast maybe! Do you remember those childhood treats tantalisingly wrapped in glittering paper - the excitement!

Super review in the Saturday Telegraph

The Sun setting over our garden yesterday evening

We were thrilled to be reviewed by the the Saturday Telegraph, by professional, Cornwall based writer Gill Charlton, as part of an in depth article about Cornwall. Do read the article if you are thinking of coming to Cornwall, it is packed with good advice and  I must say I make the same suggestion about visiting Land's End! I thought the tip about finding the best train fares was well worth following to - why not hire a car when you get here, and remember you can take two different walking directions along the cliff path from Ednovean Farm.  Any way, don't worry if you missed because I just happen to have the link here:- Ednovean Farm Review and the whole article about Cornwall can be read here. Must go a busy morning but just had to share our news!!

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

The Ednovean Diaries: Nature's April Fool

The Ednovean Diaries: Nature's April Fool: My favourite view from the terrace looking over the garden to St Micheal's Mount  Sailing boats tacking in the breeze by St Michea...

Nature's April Fool

My favourite view from the terrace looking over the garden
to St Micheal's Mount

Sailing boats tacking in the breeze by St Micheal's Mount
 harbour taken in our back fields

Nature played her very own April Fool joke on us this 1st of April by awarded us a day of Mediterranean sunshine When St Micheal's Mount looked enchanted beyond our garden and the yachts danced upon Mounts Bay on a blue, blue sea...................
As it was Sunday we awarded ourselves an afternoon lounging in the Italian Garden in the delicious warmth and later watched two bats flirting in the dusk about the courtyard - so what happened?? Natures joke i suppose as the weather men gaily predict sleety showers tomorrow but boy did we enjoy Sunday!

St Micheal's mount beyond our garden

I took this one from the back field to see all of the Mounts "skirts"!

A sailing boat off of St Micheal's Mount

The entrance to our home

Our entrance with the sea beyond - that is Mousehole
and Newlyn across Mounts Bay

Ah well it is supposed to get warm again for Easter!