Monday, 9 July 2012

Requiem for Olly

Olly ? - 9/7.2012

Today we said our last farewell to Olley our beautiful Tom Cat whose purr could fill the room and who made friends from all over the worlds. He reamined indomitable until the last, he soldiering on, determined to fullfil his duties - only a few days ago escorted guests around the garden.  As the days have gone on, he has grown frailer, keeping to his daily routine but tottering slightly as he went until today i took him to the Mounts Bay vets for test's in the hope there was one last treatment for him but a blood test showed his readings were off of the scale and so with a heavy heart we let him slide away to the place where only the tears in our heart will reach him. He was buried today in the Italian gardens where he would always find us when we sat there in the evenings, i wanted to let you know as so many people ask where he is when they check in, our best friend and Ednovean mascot.

Olley our mascot thae photo that has pride of place on our web site

Olly one winter, enjoying a comfortable corner

Olly came into our lives many years ago from the RSPCA rehoming centre at St Culumn Major, boldly peering at us from his star trek like pod whilst other cats fled out through their cat flaps. The inspector said he had been abandoned in an empty house and until the end he always went outside if we were going out rather than stay int he house on his own. As we turned to walk away he marched out through is cat flap and sat looking at the sky rapping his tail around himself and as Charles said "I couldn't leave him there" - I think the sign on the cage saying "not to be rehomed with another cat" was also an attraction to Charles who preferred a single cat household as apposed to my cat collections!. Over the years Olly has always been there and it was only recently that he allowed Spud to move in - perhaps he chose his successor who knows.............