Monday, 23 July 2012

A little peice of heaven

Sharp sunlight in the early morning dew

We woke up to a little piece of heaven on Saturday morning when a high edged itself into position banishing the bands of rain that have plagued the "Summer" Did I say Summer?! i know we have been a lot luckier hat the rest of the country but to walk into the courtyard with the early rays of sunshine gleaming on the tops of the Parterre hedges still spangled with dew was pure bliss and all of a sudden I realised we had missed the buzz of insects in the garden. I have put together another garden album for our facebook page 
Do take a peek I particularly liked the chocolate flower found on a trip to the corn merchant to buy Danni's tea - naughty me!

It's surprising what you can find at Cornwall Farmers!

We found the big metal buoy years ago in a field beside Wheel Neptune Boundary shaft - or at least that is what
I think it is unless you know something different??!

Rampant Crocosmia Lucifer and the Aloes of course

Last years purchase from penzance show has survived the winter

Charle's newly mown lawn

A particularly nice Crocosmia

The tranquil shade of the courtyard