Sunday, 30 September 2012


Blackberries ripening in the hedgerow in Ednovean lane

Such a glorious sunset last night

Sunset from our terrace again with the pampass grasses
dancing in the breeze

Meet Rolo our Rabbit control operative

Another evening another sunset from our garden
but I never tire of
St Micheal's Mount (sorry!!)

Every night is different over Mounts Bay

Ollie's Bench - so empty now but still catching the final
rays of the sun for the day

A final sunset form the week read on to see why
they are late

Well it was a definite case of whoops-a-daisy as two of the young horses trod on Charles leg (possible assisted by a jet propelled white Cat) and B&B life has been turned upside down. First we took a visit to A&E in Penzance after breakfast of course and three hours later we emerged with Charles leg in plaster and my rather shaky wheel chair driving skills subject to male review (after a rather raleigh turn along one corridor.)
Our next appointment was at the Fracture clinic at Treliske and left just enough time in the morning to get all of the rooms ready for our new guests, before whizzing off along the A30 to Truro.  it was good news. The leg was only cracked part way through, so could be used with care and crutches, so off back to the car.....only I hadn't anticipated that the pavement ramp would not be suitable for wheelchairs or at least my particular technique, near a hospital and so Charles was jettisoned at high speed on the way back to the car....luckily he landed on his feet and I can't think why he refused to go any further with me pushing Ah Hum!
And so our day is taking longer at the moment and the blog is a little late but I hope that you enjoy the sunsets and thank you, yes Charles's leg is mending nicely now and he is starting to get more mobile each day but would prefer not to be in a wheel chair with me driving!

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Well this week I.....

The sunset last night from the terrace at Ednovean Farm

It has been such a busy week and i have an overdose of photos to share with you of our visit to the NGS opening of Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens and a report for the exciting new exhibition at Penlee house featuring the vibrant work of artist Sven Berlin but for now - last nights sunset and I will sort my photos for a post very soon!

I couldn't believe my eyes as i watched a run of the mill sunset suddenly turn into an explosion of colour last night and rushed out with the camera to record the event, with the camera set on Auto as is my wont! Top tip for numpties like me is to focus i.e point the little cross at the sky and then drop the camera down until you cease to see the colours, then retrace until the flame is restored and voila.....of course you could read the instructions and fiddle with the nobs .....!

From the lawn at the front I'm waiting for the sun to st behind the Mount
should be quite soon on it's journey across the seasons

I spotted this huge double rainbow over Perranuthnoe - it seems to have
an end in the village i wonder who is digging!

The storm clouds were clearing as i walked down through the garden to
feed teh brood mares this morning

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

A week of high pressure

sunset over the garden this week

It has been a week of high pressure this week - no not the demanding kind but that certain weather condition that brings balmy day of clear blue skies and temperatures we could only dream of this Summer. I wanted to savour every last moment of each day sitting out in the courtyards or overlooking the lawn to watch each dying moment of the day as the sun set in a fiery ball beyond mounts bay, bringing our common corylines to life in a moment of tropical fantasy. We've worked on the garden in our spare minutes grooming the lawns and tending the borders with  the Italian garden receiving its (hopefully) last cut of the year, as usual, whilst in the courtyards the Geraniums have grown plump and voluptuous. Inspired by the warmth, I moved back into a secluded corner of the garden behind the Italian garden where the Olive trees grow, to reclaim some of the wilderness into a state of slightly tamed "wildness" a distinct difference i feel!

A cobbled corner under the shade of an Olive tree which
is a perfect retreat on a Summers Day

A Slate bench made with one of the left over flooring slabs bought
for our hall many year ago

And at last our stallion Danni is able to travel further afield carrying me past further villages to climb to the top of the ridge with the newly harvested corn fields stretching out beyond us below a perfect powder blue sky with only the sea gulls rousting on the baked red brown earth. ~Swinging towards home our route has taken us passed farm yards, where waiting juggernauts were being loaded with  the newly harvested corn, in clouds of the itchy making dust. And much as i urged Danni to move faster nothing disturbs a Spanish Stallion on his patrol so sneeze it was!

Finally towards the end of the week the mist grew deeper in the morning

Walking across our lawn to feed the brood mares
the end of the Italian garden was almost obscured
by the early morning mist

I love the sparse gravel garden that winds beside the Italian garden -
I think it must be my homage to Tresco!

I've made a full garden album for our facebook page and I think you should be able to view it without logging in by following this link:- The September Garden 

I hope that you enjoy a peek into September as the garden continues its journey through the year!
The path winds away twistng this way and that under
that beautiful blue sky this week

Looking back over the lawn owards oru home you'll notice that the Pampass
grasses are just about to flower and so it is not over yet not for a long
while our gardening year

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

How to photograph a cat in seven easy stages

I spotted Spud perfectly positioned for a great sea view backdrop -
all of those wild life programs comes in handy at times

true he tended to nod off

but be explaining he needed to be awake

and so Spud positioned himself to block out the view completly

Perfect - cat and view but ummmm?

Cats rule OK

Give up and take a photo of a passing boat

and that concludes my short guide to photographing the cat!

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Gingerly stepping into September

my favourite view from the top terrace in front of the
 house over he garden towards St Micheal's Mount

We had some lovely late summer sunshine at last

We stepped gingerly into September and you know, rather like that first dip n the sea i don't think it will be too bad at all. The garden is full of promises still, with the occasional Canna Lillies starting to flower and the last hooray, the Pampas's dramatic seed heads growing inches by the day, ready to unfashionably burst forth in a final fanfare for the garden. In the spirit of the season and full of optimism I have fed all of our container plants again and Charles has circled the garden with the protesting lawn mower - in fact it thought it would brake down but a few phone calls  to repair centres later revealed VERY long ques and so Charles repaired it with some baler twine and a spoon and finished the fact it seems to be running a little better!

The last of the ornamental grasses have set seed

Themain lawn after Charles's ministrations

In the Italian Garden - Charles managed to mend the
lawn mower with some baler twine to finish the lawns

Spud Cat settled himself down in the shade of the avenue to watch the
foolish humans out in the hot sunshine

Agave Americana surrounded by Californian poppies

The sharp sunshine shining through the plants

Across one bed towards one of the garden walks

Agave Yuckoides and Californian Poppies in happy profusion

Our stallion Danilon enjoying the sunny weekend with a canter around one
of our fields

With just time to pose for a photo

 He's a good boy!