Sunday, 2 September 2012

Gingerly stepping into September

my favourite view from the top terrace in front of the
 house over he garden towards St Micheal's Mount

We had some lovely late summer sunshine at last

We stepped gingerly into September and you know, rather like that first dip n the sea i don't think it will be too bad at all. The garden is full of promises still, with the occasional Canna Lillies starting to flower and the last hooray, the Pampas's dramatic seed heads growing inches by the day, ready to unfashionably burst forth in a final fanfare for the garden. In the spirit of the season and full of optimism I have fed all of our container plants again and Charles has circled the garden with the protesting lawn mower - in fact it thought it would brake down but a few phone calls  to repair centres later revealed VERY long ques and so Charles repaired it with some baler twine and a spoon and finished the fact it seems to be running a little better!

The last of the ornamental grasses have set seed

Themain lawn after Charles's ministrations

In the Italian Garden - Charles managed to mend the
lawn mower with some baler twine to finish the lawns

Spud Cat settled himself down in the shade of the avenue to watch the
foolish humans out in the hot sunshine

Agave Americana surrounded by Californian poppies

The sharp sunshine shining through the plants

Across one bed towards one of the garden walks

Agave Yuckoides and Californian Poppies in happy profusion

Our stallion Danilon enjoying the sunny weekend with a canter around one
of our fields

With just time to pose for a photo

 He's a good boy!