Monday, 27 June 2011

This weekend

A bright Daisy on the front terrace with Mounts Bay beyond

Sunday was a magical day after the slightly challenging weather of late - not a cloud in the sky and shaping up to be Hot, hot, hot. The dining door could be flung open fully at last to reveal the glowing Geraniums - in fact bright just about sums up the day.

A Geranium outside of the kitchen door

We retreated to a cool shady spot in the Italian Garden for the afternoon with the rhythm of the sea lulling around us and just a hint of a steady beat from the Golowan Festival in Penzance traveling across the bay! But for us a sky lark unseen high in the sky above the garden was enough for our afternoon.

The sun was so high that the shadow became small under the hedges in the Italian Garden

Deep inside the Italian garden

and finally odd moments from the weekend maybe one of these is your favorite room

Earlier in the day I stopped from my chores to take this photo of the Apricot room terrace as the sun came around

The mares in the field in front of the garden tucked themselves under the garden hedge for some shade for a while - that is 19 year old Belle nearest to the camera

and finally serendipity! I was pleased to find the perfect cushions to replace the ones on the Pink room bed on a recent trip to Penzance - just right, very comfy and perfect colours too!

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Ollie Cat Esq.

I left the landrover door open yesterday as I ferried the groceries into the house and who would be trying out the drivers seat but our very own Oliver Taylor Esq Senior Mouser (retired) Perhaps he was planning a short drive to Penzance and if he could take over the grocery shop it would be much appreciated but there you are, he purred briefly, finished washing and then decided to leave - so i suppose it is back to me - maybe he found he couldn't quite reach the pedals after all!

Just planning his route

Hand bag - shopping list............mmmm

Friday, 24 June 2011

My Garden albums for June

Would you like to visit the June garden - I've just uploaded two small albums to facebook I think you can view them without getting trapped by following this link:-

Garden album The courtyard rose

Garden Album The June garden

Hope you get them OK - they are easy to view this way without scrolling!! Ah well back to the Weeding!

Thursday, 16 June 2011


The fountain that lives in the middle of the Parterre at Ednovean Farm

My first job of the morning is always to refill the fountain so that it can tinkle gently as guest wake up in the morning. This morning the courtyard looked bright and fresh after the overnight rain and i stopped for a minute to take this photo from the garden room doorway framed by the honeysuckle

There is always something magical or timeless about the early sunlight sparkling through the droplets and the gently rhythm of the cascading water. The fountain though, is more than just a centre piece for our courtyard - during the long drought the birds come down to drink and even Wilbur the Independent Cat hops up on the bowl for a refreshing lap from time to time.

Lining the courtyard the figs are looking well this year with luxuriant fresh growth and half concealed figs gently ripening among the foliage. it will be the usual contest between Charles and the blackbirds to harvest the freshest nicest fruits, last year for the first time we were able to serve our own figs for breakfast

The poppy has nearly finished now in our little entrance courtyard leaving the bronze fennel to be joined by the lavender to waft their scent on the evening breeze

This morning was lovely though - those half concealed buckets are "fountain for the use off"!

ah well time to go inside to cook breakfast but a wonderful morning

and a cloudless sky last night too - fingers crossed for Galowan Festival in Penzance starting on the 17th of June click the name for the schedule in date order if you are in Cornwall this weekend

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Can we keep it

We had a surprise visitor to our car park this week! Our Austrian guests chugged off in their sensible family car in the morning but in the evening....! "come and look at this" Charles said as this beautiful old Morgan cake in through the gate. Like an exotic bird she only stayed for a couple of days but what a presence she had redolent of another era when motoring was an elegant timely pursuit. or as one Uncle once remarked "He couldn't possibly drive without gloves" Well she was definitely a car for gloves. I found her here at car and classic hire................ sorry i had to take the link out Blogger wasn't happy but it should be easy to Google it!

The beautifuly presented Morgan in our car park at Ednovean Farm - not a speck of dirt to mar the paint work

and where did thes two come from? - we normally don't take pets but they weren't any trouble - I spotted them peeping out of the Apricot room window waiting for their owners to come home the other day - hope they come back!

Hope you've had a good weekend - we've had the extremes here in cornwall - Charles got sunburn yesterday mowing the lawn and lets say my weed and feed was well washed in today!

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Blue room tonight???

Our lovely Blue room with views over Mounts Bay

I know for weeks we have said we have no vacancies tonight BUT our guest are suddenly called back to Germany so we have the Blue room free now for three more nights from tonight - can we tempt you?? An elegant double room with french doors to it's own terrace complete with a table and chairs and two sun loungers; en suite bathroom with double shower and roil top bath bathrobes of course hand made soaps white company toiletries and the bedroom complete with flat screen TV, DVD WiFi CD player............all we need is two guests .......................

Monday, 6 June 2011

A place in the shade

I found a place in the shade to sit this weekend, finding just the right spot in the Gravel border to the side of the Italian garden. Of course I had to renovate the table and chairs first that had been moldering in a quite corner for the winter until I rescued them. Their paint was peeling horribly and so i attacked them with a power washer in the car park - carefully avoiding the parked cars of course!. Quite a few hours and an application of Farrow and Ball's New white later they were ready to take their place again..........and so I sat on them for a peaceful Saturday afternoon out of the heat of the sun. Time to tackle the garden again today though those weeds don't take the weekend off!

Saturday, 4 June 2011

The evening sun

Such a lovely evening here at Ednovean Farm -it was far too nice to go indoors and the sun lingered on in the parterre in front of the house - I missed the sunset though it was way after my bed time - may be tonight I'll stay awake!

A purrrfect evening

Ollie Taylor enjoying the evening sun at Ednovean Farm yesterday

No evening is complete without Ollie claiming his purrfect spot to soak up the last rays of the sun under the honey warm walls - just the thing for the "older" tom cat.

Friday, 3 June 2011

Life of a rose

The garden room before breakfast this morning with St Micheal's Mount behind

I love to keep Lillies in the cool garden room, their scent builds over night to greet me as i open the outside french doors ready for our guests.

A corner of the courtyard - the little statue was a sale room find

We have a rose here a Ednovean that sit majestically clothing an old milking parlour on the western end of the courtyard. The building could never have been a thing of beauty, probably less than eighty years old, built over an old water tank but serviceable non-the-less and "handy by" for the cattle standings that now form our Apricot and Blue bedrooms. But i digress from my rose - given to me by my father when I was married as he said our family had always had one of these roses in their garden. The lovely flower, old fashioned in its way - probably an Albertene, single flowering and sweetly scented and a delicate shade of bronzy pink - the rose glows each year for a brief period of bliss. Each year I always wait in high anticipation for its brief flowering - the gorgeous scent that fills the courtyard and the garden room and then eventually the fallen petals that gently drift across the gravel and the garden room's warm terracotta floor. All too soon the time is over, as it slips back to its (or I prefer Her) slumbers for another year a permanent reminder of my fathers gift.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

A wilder side

The skies started to clear right on cue this bank holiday and motivated by the appearance of blue and it must be said that I had forgotten the Breakfast Orange Juice too, Charles and i set off towards Penzance for the second time that day. Breakfast secured with some of Mr Tesco's finest OJ but still lunchless, we went on up towards the penwith moors with a small picnic to visit again those ancient places that haunt the ancient landscape. We drove up through Madron through the woods that always exert a mysterious pull to me with their dark liquid depths but stopping only to admire the foxgloves that line the banks just there we continued past the Holy Well and on to Lanyon Quit with the sweep of heathland drawing away to the horizon, and old engine house and rugged cairn a distant view.

Madron woods

Lanyon quoit

that tantalising tor, once or twice we have eaten a winter picnic tucked under the shelter of one of her stones but not today it was approaching half past two and definitely lunchtime

we drove on leaving the enigmatic stones of another monument on our right where the road thoughtfully forks around it

to look at the ancient country side around Morvah that rolls toward the sea on the north coast

the lanes edges by walls and banks that have stood for centuries deifying the wild Atlantic, a hard spare land, beautiful in her pared down countenance

a step back in time just twenty minutes up the road - think I'll forget the Orange juice more often!