Monday, 27 June 2011

This weekend

A bright Daisy on the front terrace with Mounts Bay beyond

Sunday was a magical day after the slightly challenging weather of late - not a cloud in the sky and shaping up to be Hot, hot, hot. The dining door could be flung open fully at last to reveal the glowing Geraniums - in fact bright just about sums up the day.

A Geranium outside of the kitchen door

We retreated to a cool shady spot in the Italian Garden for the afternoon with the rhythm of the sea lulling around us and just a hint of a steady beat from the Golowan Festival in Penzance traveling across the bay! But for us a sky lark unseen high in the sky above the garden was enough for our afternoon.

The sun was so high that the shadow became small under the hedges in the Italian Garden

Deep inside the Italian garden

and finally odd moments from the weekend maybe one of these is your favorite room

Earlier in the day I stopped from my chores to take this photo of the Apricot room terrace as the sun came around

The mares in the field in front of the garden tucked themselves under the garden hedge for some shade for a while - that is 19 year old Belle nearest to the camera

and finally serendipity! I was pleased to find the perfect cushions to replace the ones on the Pink room bed on a recent trip to Penzance - just right, very comfy and perfect colours too!