Saturday, 21 March 2009

Tonight in Marazion

How curious the evening after a day of sparkling light and crystal clear skies. But as the day wound to its inevitable conclusion an icy chill replaced the warming sun and a ethereal mist shrouded the landscape with only the round disk of the sun, faintly glimpsed, still sailing tantalizingly behind the enveloping cloud.

We'd planned a picnic at Marazion overlooking the beach at the end of the day but instead of the anticipated, vibrant sunset, St Micheal's Mount lay eerily in the gloom. The mysterious light was stunning though - quite magical. We contentedly watched couples walk passed hand in hand some with dogs gamboling at their feet others with spinning children scamperng in circles around them, along the newly emerging giant arch of beach. Slowly as the dusk fell, the lights of Penzance came on reflected across the water and the still wet glistening sand, the evening was lent a different enchantment, that is always the mystery of visiting the sea.

And for us - no picnic could be complete without a Sea gull enigmatically perched in unmoving contemplation - tonight with the faintest suspicion of a sunset reflected in the sky behind him. And that was our visit to Marazion this evening