Friday, 27 March 2009

The Apricot room

Who could resist! My wall paper reflected in a mirror with the bed caught in another mirror.......does this say something about reality or how I spend my time (pleases don't take me too seriously!)

So time and i are never comfortable companions, reading a clock accurately is not my strongest attribute but I should have it fairly well cracked with a digital display? Nope!! Read on, it will become apparent later.

Charles has laboured for two afternoons and evenings re wallpapering the Apricot rooms two papered walls, in a Laura Ashley paper that I consider beautiful and iconic but he has his reservations about. Alarmingly I met a fellow B&B hostess in the cash and carry who had just decided to paint over her expensive repro eighteen century paper. With the memory of my sleek washable paper nestling ready for use on the bed i kept quiet and promised afternoon tea to Charles when i got home at three o'clock, in exchange for his labour. The afternoon crept on and i watched the time carefully on a digital display on the computer and at four provided a now irate Charles with his three o'clock cuppa. ........Perhaps i should explain that the digital clock in the landrover remains on Summer time and we have never bothered to change it - we just deduct one hour from the displayed time ..........and so absent mindedly I had been doing the same through the afternoon resulting in three o' clock, being four o'clock. But looking on the bright side we change to Summer time this weekend so if I can retrain myself to accept what I see I'll know the time! I just hope the file of guest information I've been working on is more accurate.

The Laura Ashley paper

A view towards the french doors

Working from home has a lot of advantages and if you can settle the cat comfortably it is possible to work comfortably with a purring feline companion at your side. Olley this morning has finally been rebuffed from the computer keyboard and headed off from trying to sit inside the printer, before I folded the natty little shelf up to make him the perfect space for supervising me. He had spent some time earlier with his nose mournfully pressed against the guest sitting room doors but was told "No way Jose". So i was interested this morning, when a good friend who came to stay with us originally as a guest, sent through a link to her new web site. With lots of information about time management, feelings of isolation, setting up a business, in fact working from home - all though she doesn't mention cats. I enjoyed the web site Judy and hope you don't mind me posting a link here along with my day:-

We were surprised yesterday to see a police car scorching out of the village sirens wailing - our sleepy hamlet is not exactly a high crime area. Dogs walk, church bells ring, horses whinny but definitely no police cars but all was revealed by blogger this morning in the shape of the Perranuthnoe village news So now we know. Come to think of it I didn't think to include the words "Do not drive on to the beach" in my information pack. Drat back to the drawing board.