Sunday, 26 May 2013

Alas poor blog....

Our little waif Lillie that we are feeding by hand

I must apologise that the blog has been a little bit skimpy of late or to put it another way nearly non existent. I have a very good excuse though in the shape of Lillie the second foal to be born here this year. Sadly Lily's Mum doesn't have any milk for her so we are having to feed Lillie ourselves. We've just finished the feeds through the night now phew but she is  a hungry little thing and now consuming fourteen litres a day, at two weeks old. I must say that mixing up all of that milk to her exacting requirements has proved slightly challenging for us! Only the other day my major concern was exactly the right type of check for a new table cloth for the Blue room, when suddenly our world was lunged into disarray by Lillie and we were on round the clock duty! Still I've put together a few snaps of the garden and hope you will forgive the lax blogging for the last couple of weeks. Have you followed us on our facebook page for my quick daily updates? Find us at
The echiums about to echium in their usual
dramatic way

The Discus thrower in the Italian Garden

Annie Henry's sculture on a lower lawn

Afternoon tea waiting for our new guests in the Apricot
 rooms little courtyard

Lush growth beside the path that winds beside the Italian

I like every path to lead the imagination onwards!

The new table cloth in the blue room