Monday, 28 April 2014

Do you like Tapas?

Tapas on the terrace?

Charles ( who loves cooking!) is thinking of offering a limited Tapas menu to our guest at Ednovean Farm on a couple of nights a week - maybe on the dreaded Sunday evening when most of the restaurants close and Mondays which seems to be "chefs day off" in  a lot of places in Cornwall? We wondered would sitting on our garden terraces or tucked under the courtyard walls as they gently reflect back the heat of the daytime sunshine in the evenings be attractive? It s early days in the musings but do let us know if you would be interested.

I took this snap of Charles the other evening at the end of the day as we sat for ten minutes enjoying the last of the days sunshine and of course after a few minutes I got up to take a few snaps of the house settling down to sleep to share this morning!

The last sunshine shining into the Blue room

The Blue room's private terrace - perfect for Tapas?

I softened some of the walls with South African Daisies
this year

The entrance to the sundial garden that the Apricot room
looks down too

Gorgeous blue skies above the sundial garden the
other evening

and so goodnight to the garden where the echiums are ready to bloom

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Friday, 25 April 2014

Sunny days in the Courtyard Garden

We've had perfect sunny days to enjoy the courtyard gardens around the house this week in Cornwall although we've stayed busy in the main garden and the house. But today i thought it would be nice to share some pictures of the courtyards that were formed from the old farmyard that I took just before Easter

The blue flash of Mounts Bay beyond the garden room

An intensely blue self seeded echium ha sprung up - I hope I can
save some seeds of this interesting hybrid!

Mounts bay beyond the garden room

The courtyard garden nestling under ochre walls

and leading out to the sweep of lawns with St Michaels
as its constant exquisite backdrop

Ednovean Farm from the car park with the old pump that has stood there
for over a  century now

Ahh the watering cans have been launched!

By contrast our little "drying yard" behind the barn has a wild informal

and now exciting times are afoot!!  Check out our newly revamped website - pared back and easier to navigate with more bedroom photos to help you decide and the Tapas tab?? Well I'll tell you more about that tomorrow! Do tell us if you like it?

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Happy Easter!!

Just about to rush out of the door to feed the horses before our guests but hoping you're all going to have a wonderful Eater and back soon with some sunny pictures from yesterday around the courtyard but until then Have a great day!

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Butterflies and Spring cleaning

The Blue room at Ednovean Farm

As the days grow warmer and I spend more and more time looking in odd corners with vacuums, dusters and soft brushes I seem to disturb more and more Butterflies. And so i carefully gather them up and put them out to fly away free into the spring of 2014

and as I start to fossett in corners, things tweak at my memory  - the crocheted blankets and cushions I keep spotting in magazines i know i had one of those......and I peered in blanket boxes and cupboards lofts and corners and then one day just as i had given up it turned up again tucked inside one of the dining room chair covers. And so now my cancer shop find is taking pride of place in the hall once more on a by now vintage Laura Ashley rattan bench......this spring cleaning could take some time!

The flagstoned Hall 

Friday, 11 April 2014

Join me for a short walk around the garden at sunset

Out through the courtyard gates

A cross the lawn to look at the mount of course

The sweep of Mounts Bay

The sheltering fringe of Palms that protect the garden from winter gales

A final glance

and then back into the courtyard

and goodnight

Just a quick blog today to share some photos of the garden last night as it settled down to dream guarde by spud and Louis Cats patrolling the borders and the creatures of the night, until the light returns again and the  birds start their chorus. Good night garden until tomorrow!

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Ednovean Farm Luxury Bed & Breakfast

We're busy getting ready for Easter

We're busy getting ready for Easter at Ednovean Farm although some of us might be working harder than others! Not decrying spuds role as head of  feline hospitality of course......just saying!

White Tulips lining the bed by our entrance

The white tulips that have filled the entrance bed have looked stunning this year although naturally they have just gone over right on cue - luckily I planted two white species but he second variety haven't reproduced quite so prolifically as these.

Another hard working staff member enjoying the

And now just a few snaps from the garden the other day as we have an early breakfast for usts this morning Have a great day!

The little side courtyard where our guests dry their swim suits

Thursday, 3 April 2014

A quick look inside our pretty Pink room

Through the keyhole today into the Pink room at Ednovean Farm

Well I just have to start with "I wonder who lives in a house like this!" But this isn't about us it is about the guests who have made the Pink room theirs for their holidays over the years.  We've been open, coming up to twenty three now to be precise and I must admit we were its first guests when we moved in after our honeymoon all those years ago.

Our wedding n May 1991 Do you remember Bertie Woosters?

Well the years have gone by and the Pink room is looking pretty good with a regular facelift - wish I could say the same for me!

All about our Pink room

Our pretty Pink rom has been welcoming guests at Ednovean Farm for twenty three years now - full of character with exposed stone walls many feet thick softened in places by hand embroidered silk hangings and broad window sill framing a view across our courtyard Parterre and out towards St Michael's Mount. The hand carved four poster bed was assembled in the room is snuggly dressed with quilts and faux fur throws in winter and crisp white cotton for warm summer nights. We provide a comforting range of teas and coffee with complimentary cornish spring water and a flat screen TV equipped with a DVD player so that you can choose a film from our extensive library in our Guest sitting room.

The fifteen foot bathroom has to b another highlight of this room with a deep bateau bath set at its centre flanked by double sinks backed by marble mosaic tiles with a hand painted Gingham wall at one end. I've source locally hand made soaps and herbal toiletries and we provide bathrobes and slippers to help to make this a special retreat

Looking across the hand carved four poster bed towards the lovely
silk wallhanging (From East of here In Chapel Street Penzance)

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