Monday, 28 May 2012

Our last May vacancies

The view from our courtyard towards St Micheal's Mount

Well May is drawing to a close and we are still getting lots of enquiries and so I thought I'd put the room that we do have available here in the hope that it is Exactly the dates that somebody somewhere is looking for at Ednovean Farm!!

We have the Apricot room free for a three day break at the end of  May the 29th 30th and 31st

Our pretty fresh Apricot room with French doors onto
a little private courtyard

I painted the faux panels on the wall using a diner plate
to form the corners!

and looking forwards into June we have our Pink room free fro one night on the 6th of June and the Pink room and the Apricot room free for one night on the 12th of June and then a few other short breaks after that so can i temp you???

Ollie has grown a little older since his appearance on the web site
but I hope he will be waiting for you! here he is warming himself
on the  wall above the Parterre

Sunday, 27 May 2012

May days and winning shadows

My favourite Irises are still in bloom

The heat haze over Mounts Bay gave an otherworldly
look to this passing yatch

Penzance and Newlyn with the old and the new in the bay

Three shots of St Micheal's Mount, taken from our terrace only a few moments apart but look how the sky changes

A swallow sweeping in through the garden gate back to his
nest in the garden room

a moment later and the cloud descends

and moodily clear again
the sun starting to climb over the garden

the parterre is bright with new growth at the moment

Our Ollie Cat that welcomes guest to our web site is an old gentleman now

It won't be long until the lavender flowers

and finally Ollie above the Parterre again warming himself on the old granite
look closely and you will see St Micheal's Mount beyond the garden

A short blog from our weekend when we had an unexpected thunder storm overnight and the morning dawned in misty clouds but the sun quickly won shadows from the day and we continued into Summer - exciting news as well as the Sparrows and Starlings that have broods under the eaves a Swallow has set up home in a disused nest on top of the fuse box in the garden room. He brightens the day as he swoops elegantly back through the gateway - a perfect ambassador of Summer.

Thank yo for all for your comments i love to read them and wishing everybody a wonderful week

Too hot

The beautiful Blue skies of Summer

I stopped dead in my tracks when i opened the front door this morning because the wind that was playing tantalisingly with the plants was warm, no hot! So strange in Cornwall to experience that hot wind of the Mediterranean after the recent cold spell and of course our newly resurfaced car park is acting like an oven. I'm sure the Date palms love it but for me it is far too hot - a few droplets of moisture blew from the fountain as I walked up the steps beside the Parterre and they were blessed relief to be sure and the house is  cool sanctuary from the killing heat But our guests?? out and about walking the coastal footpaths, so it's just me and the cats, who are trying hard to melt into the shadows and come to think of it, the horses are just glossy bay mounds, stretched out in the cool of the long grass. Hope you are all going to have a super weekend - it is shaping up to be a scorcher!

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Roses and seashells

The Parterre fresh with new growth

"Roses and sea shells" a departing guest remarked this morning - they were the little things that they had liked about their stay in our Blue room - it would make a good title for a book really but "never would have the time!"
Still - the garden wrestling is going quite well now, with the main lawn and encircling beds completed and the majority of the terracotta pots planted up and so, on the strength of it, I've moved on into the shelter belt and"could be some time" as they say!
It was good to read Mrs.G.H.'s lovely update of her gardening plans but alas Monkey puzzle trees don't do too well in this part of Cornwall so I'll just have to covet Pat's!!

The roads are still surprisingly quite here in West Cornwall but I would still advise you to book your accommodation in advance - I resorted to driving two exhausted walkers, who had walked all of the way from the Lizard to us hoping to spend the night, on to the next Bed and Breakfast, because we were full that night.

Wonderful sunny week here and the first ct of hay is down ready for turning and I'm trying to follow Chelsea flower show - difficult as it is just too lovely to stay indoors on these evenings!

A wild foxglove that has move in near the Bamboo

and lastly a happy little chap enjoying the afternoon sun in our garden room bliss is snooze shaped obviously!

Spud our "gift from the hedgerow" enjoying his afternoon nap

My paws and whiskers

ooh didn't realise you were there

but soooo happy - love Spudxxx @Ednovean Farm!

Sunday, 20 May 2012

A May evening

I've started to plant up the courtyard pots at last
The 10 tons of gravel delivered this week has definitely
improved the car park!

It is a fabulous evening this evening, delightful relaxing and with a blackbird singing the evening towards us. Sparrows have nested under the corner of the house this year and the returning House Martins are giving serious consideration to nesting in the Garden room although not prone to making a rash decision. Meanwhile, Ollie and Spud have the answer to the daily life and simply select a sun warmed snoozing spot to observe the day from - on Friday i laboured over ten tons of gravel fro the car park and I think the results are worth it as Ollie dutifully stood to, peering knowledgeably at my endeavours, a cat of many seasons.

Ollie luxuriating in the sunshine this evening

The Irises I have waited so long to flower have finally
burst in the stable yard/car park

Spud enjoying one of the raised beds

The ferns are uncurling now with fresh new leaves

Last nights sunset over the garden - should be a good one tonight too

The Acanthus is about to flower and so we continue
towards summer!

self seeded ferns in a shady corner

Saturday, 19 May 2012

A brush with the Olympics!

Cornwall touched history today when the Olympic Torch sped through the county from the start of the journey at Land's End. As it was passing by n the A road at the top of the village i thought "why not?!" Charles was positioned quite early to wait for a photo and i was able to sprint up to the cross roads after breakfast and catch the procession.
Helicopters whirled overhead, motor cycles roared by, flags were waved and just as suddenly the road fell silent again and the powerful Olympic machine disappeared on its journey to the corners of the country

For more pictures from the eagle camera of Perran Lady visit TheOlympic Relay Here from two distinctive angles!

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Good Morning Mr Fox

The sea is so still like a mirror in Mounts Bay that the houses of Penzance form
a reflection in the water - that is the end of St Micheal's Mount's
harbour on the left

It's a fabulous balmy day here in West Penwith after a few challenging day and i was able to take the broodmares rugs off before cooking our guests breakfast, as they chased their morning Oats around their bowls before settling down to groom each other in all of those hard to reach places - that is the horses not the guests!. Walking back along our little lane still laces with brilliant blue bells I notice the local Rabbits sitting up like meerkats and sure enough the old fox who is around most days now was walking along the footpath!


The Irises in our entrance that have replaced the Tulips
I've also added some white Foxgloves - one a surprise
present from a departing guest - Thank you!!

I bought this one from Cornwall Farmers and it has done rather better
than the expensive garden centre ones!

Progress of our Echium (Panina) dwarfing our house now!

Ah gardens should intrigue and reveal but slowly slowly!

A last snap as I sipped a glass of wine on one of our Terraces in
yesterday evenings sunshine

Monday, 14 May 2012

Scattering Rabbits in the May Garden

The vintage West Country apples in our little orchard have burst into bloom

The May Garden has left less time for blog writing this year as i have spent every spare moment scattering Rabbits and gloomily looking at the borders. Little by little I think I have installed some order and I have finally finished my first circuit of the "main" garden with just the shelter belt and the long gravel border yet to tackle. Spud and Ollie have kept me company most of the time as i preened the Phormiium and Pampass grasses of the debris of winter finally releasing their natural movement from the decaying leaves.

The steps that line the side of the main courtyard

The french lavender was a surprise survivor of the winter

Ollie enjoying the afternoon sun

Our "How do you do" little garden between the car park and the house
The English lavender is nearly ready to flower

Our humble Sycamore tree has it's own shady agenda

Ollie Cat sitting by the entrance gate

Spud enjoying the evening sunshine tucked in a Rosemary bush

Our old gentleman Ollie

Out into the main garden

The garden was waiting for me

Some granite left over from building the
 parterre wall made a lovely rustic

A step up leading to the sundial garden

I was quite pleased with the twirly whirly box last year -
can i repeat that success!

The house from the car park

The echium is getting bigger and just starting to flower
Sunday was the most magical day with a mirror like
sea in Mounts Bay and not a cloud in the sky

Magic and Bodkin wrestling - the best caption i read for this one on facebook
was "bottoms up" maybe you have one too?!

and not a single picture of my main venture but that was my week - don't forget to check out our
facebook page for local highlights and daily news from Ednovean Farm