Sunday, 27 May 2012

Too hot

The beautiful Blue skies of Summer

I stopped dead in my tracks when i opened the front door this morning because the wind that was playing tantalisingly with the plants was warm, no hot! So strange in Cornwall to experience that hot wind of the Mediterranean after the recent cold spell and of course our newly resurfaced car park is acting like an oven. I'm sure the Date palms love it but for me it is far too hot - a few droplets of moisture blew from the fountain as I walked up the steps beside the Parterre and they were blessed relief to be sure and the house is  cool sanctuary from the killing heat But our guests?? out and about walking the coastal footpaths, so it's just me and the cats, who are trying hard to melt into the shadows and come to think of it, the horses are just glossy bay mounds, stretched out in the cool of the long grass. Hope you are all going to have a super weekend - it is shaping up to be a scorcher!