Wednesday, 15 December 2010

A winter reflection

Such a fabulous day in West Cornwall today with a clear light and warming winter sun. But with the weather forecasters predicting gloom an doom yet again, backed by some pretty impressive weather maps, I was dispatched to take Danni out for a l o n g ride this morning and so we set of towards the flooded quarries and tangled woods of Millpool. Admiring the suns caress on the tangled mossy green tree branches overhead, as Danni paddled through the little streams that cross the track and the deep reflective waters either side of the path. I always wonder how they managed to drive a bus through here in "days-gone-by or so they say but for a horse it's perfect away from the busy traffic cocooned in an ancient world. There was still some ice in places, deep in the woods in sharp contrast to the midges dancing near the streams. Such moments away from the bustling world but today we had a mission - today was the day to buy the Christmas tree and so Danni tucked up in his stable with a comforting haynet and Charles complaining as usual about Christmas trees, we set off to Penzance to sort amongst the pre wrapped objects and trying to guess which ones have even branches and which ones do not..........! Eventually i was seduced by a slightly ragged tree but with its own real fir cones - who could resist?

And what better way to drive home than around the edge of the bay along the road that threads passed the Marazion marshes with the RSPB reserve beside the sand dunes that suddenly open to give glorious glimpses of St Micheal's Mount.

The lovely muted colours and textures of the winter landscape

the sky reflected in the waters

the two swans that i often glance across at as i drive passed

The fabulous reed beds and .....yes .....definitely a bird!

a fabulous winters day in Cornwall reflected int he ancient brooding landscape

the depth of the shadows under the trees

another bird there - maybe i should have photographed the bird watcher with the most impressive camera I've seen for a long time instead!

and to my empty beach save for a couple and their dog

The beach today at Marazion if you click the picture to enlarge it though you should be able to make out the amphibious vehicle making its way to the Mount...........and leaning against the side of the barn - a prickly Christmas tree just waiting under the winter sky. Good night!