Sunday, 15 January 2012

Wheal Neptune

My goodness that was a lot of uploading with my heart in my mouth in case at the very last minute Blogger should stall but as you can see it is all here...........Exactly what you may ask - well I had the Mining records on desk top following a request to look at the spoil heaps ( we only have one!) and I thought somebody else might be interested in the huge old mining map that we found at the Records office. Charles took some digital photos of it, as it lay pinned down with a heavy weight at either end after being unrolled but it was so big he had to do it in sections. Still I think it gives an idea of the meticulous records of a long gone era. The very top map shows Mining stamps ( i think where the Bal Maidens (very strong ladies)) would break up the ore across the road from us. Strange when we look at the green fields today to think of the throbbing industrial landscape just a heartbeat away. The noise, the pollution the devastatingly hard work and still the church yards are full of the young men, as they could drill faster dry than wet and seldom lived beyond thirty - they called the drills the "Widow makers"

So that is how fate turned this week at Ednovean Farm