Saturday, 28 January 2012

The Pink Room

Looking across the hand carved four poster bed towards the dressing table in the Pink room

The time came this week to tackle the spring cleaning and I started with our lovely pink room ready for our weekend guests. There is something about a room that has just been spring cleaned that makes you see it anew - mind you when Charles and I pulled the heavy four poster bed across the floor it felt distinctly heavier! The bed was actually built in the room so I'm not sure we would ever get it out again so just as well that i love it with its cam comforting embrace, panelled roof and hand carved posts - each one slightly different.

The hand embroidered hanging softens the old stone walls

So, perhaps a little tour of The Pink room is in order now as we start the 21st year of Bed and Breakfast at Ednovean Farm! The big hand embroidered wall hanging is actually a bed spread that i found in eastofhere in Penzance and it has stood the test of time - this year i set the hoover to the lowest power and gently spent..well most of the afternoon carefully hoovering it but it softens the rooms traditional stone walls and gives an air of (I think!!) fun to the room. I carefully suspended the old gilt mirror with fishing line over the throw above the dressing table as I didn't want to make a hole in the hanging that i spent several days choosing - they were very patient with me in the shop!

I gave the little table a pint finish in french grey,
 lightly distressing it before waxing 

The chair was found in David Lays and reupholstered in a Jane Churchill fabric and the antique stool sports a fresh ticking cover

I've accessorised the dressing table
with twin glass lamps and pretty pink glass

Big glass bottles set on the wide window sills

My favourite little details - this time a heart from Laura Ashley

look closely and you'll spot a heart cushion
 in the background on the bed
of course the flat screen TV usually sits here but artistic licence and all that!!

and now time to move on into the Pink room's en suite bathroom

I'm sure you've seen the dramatic central Bataeu bath on our web site but take a look at the faux gingham wall that took Charles two evening to finish

twin sinks set against marble tiles
- i painted the ceiling to look like a tent

I couldn't resist this OTT mirror!

the little original door way that leads from the bedroom
the Staffordshire dog was another sale room find

We've had the little sea horse since we were married - it somehow fits the gingham wall

Enamel pots from RJ Supplies hold Cotton wool buds and balls

and now i am moving on to the Apricot room but I hope you enjoyed seeing the little details that add up to one of our rooms - I think it is often the little things that make things special - I hope you've enjoyed the pink room today