Monday, 24 December 2012

Happy Christmas

Our tree in the hall

The night before Christmas and a certain silence a certain quiet in the air. Our tree is decorated wtih the little velvet and hessian hearts and drums that i bought for our very first Christmas from that famous emporium R&J Supplies, at Praa sands and they will be lovingly tucked away in a little box marked velvet decorations after Christmas to wait again in the loft for their two week annual holiday.

Somehow the mild weather doesn't feel a bit like Christmas and boy has it rained lately. Charles and i rode up primrose Hill the other day, to find the narrow lane flooded at the top.  Just as the horses were about to wade through the knee deep water, a fox rushed across leaping high, in an attempt to keep dry but only succeeding in putting up a wash like a speed boat that lapped towards Danni's astonished nose!

Spud our little submissive angelic cat, discovered a friends visiting dog in the hall and full of Christmas spirit launched an attack  that would have done a Rottweiler proud, rolling out of sight under the Christmas tree in a ball of feline furry firmly attached to the astonished dog. he sat on the window cill snarling for the rest of the morning after that - I'm not sure if Santa will call on him after that What do you think?

Spud cuddling his mouse and waiting for Santa

And finally wishing you all a very happy Christmas - thank you for visiting us and sharing our home, thank you for reading and  for commenting through the year. Have the best Christmas and may all of your dreams come true

Christine, Charles, Danni the horse and Spud Cat Esq!

p>S Great Christmas Tree this year at Trevenna Cross Nurseries