Monday, 26 January 2015

Only eight weeks until spring

A corner of the hall at Ednovean farm
It's eight weeks until spring apparently and how eagerly I count the days! Watching the garden each day for the smallest sign of new growth and following the sunset each evening, watching for precious extra minutes of daylight each day.
The days hung heavily just after Christmas in a sort of twilight hinterland of a season lost -  but not a new land found but now i really do think that spring is on the horizon don't you?
Occasionally I dress the house with the bright new flowers of the season, to cheer the old stone walls and can never help but wonder how many springs my home has seen. Did people stand here and look at the sky and wonder if spring was really ever going to come over the horizon? With an early name, thought to be of West saxon origins, listed as "Cot House Towneplace" on the tithe maps it is probable that my home has seen many a spring come and go but for me each one is special. each one holds the memories of the winter - the hard work in wind and rain and sometimes but very rarely snow - and then it slowly slips aways and the sun shines again and I think "yes spring at last" only eight weeks to go I'm told!

A simple pottery jug holds Daffodils on a sunny windowsill

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The fist Daffodils are opening in the garden now but I find
them far too precious to pick!