Tuesday, 20 July 2010

TV programmes Ducks and Cats

Well Ednovean Farm featured for 45 seconds on German TV last night - the programme should be available to view on the web site very soon but as non German speakers we haven't quite spotted it yet - I think that there was mention of a months delay! Still click here to visit their web site
We are in very illustrious company with the vibrant new Scarlets. Which brings me around to Ducks.............as you can see our escapee duck has now been put in charge of the tide times at the Breakfast table so I can keep a very strict eye on him from now on.

and Cats of course ..............Oliy is taking everything in his stride including his new fame although a raised seat is obviously necessary from now on

Oley in the car park/stable yard

.....................and just to remind us why we love Cornwall -The view across the lawn the other morning after the storm - if you look closely you can see the mountains of Cordyline leaves that we had to pick up but the magical blue of the sea and the sky were a great start to the day