Saturday, 30 August 2014

A vist to Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens part two

Glorious exotic planting on arid terraces

Following our journey through the gardens in pictures this week such a selection of rare plants where to look first!

The splendid jungle hut that made adults into small children hanging
over the railings to watch the struggles of the advancing hoards
probably us!

The winding paths that had mentored our progress grew more
demanding now

Huge grasses mingled with phormiums

The next vantage point to explore

Cacti and Succulents

Perhaps the combination of modern and tradition buildings....

Unbelievably there was a whole avenue of Butea Capitata

my love affair with Agaves continues!

A garden beyond my imagination!

Every adult became an excited child for the day

and down again to the jungle floor

Grasses and Bananas

A heard a visitor remark "the camera obscura" for a moment I thought
he meant I was in the way!

A sharply drained terrace

We could only collapse on a bench after the final climb to see the sculpture
featured on BBC2 Gardeners World!

I hope you have enjoyed your virtual visit ot this  exciting new garden that has opened near Penzance - for more info check out their web site Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens

What an adventure!! We loved it!

A visit to Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens part one!

We made a visit to Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens this
weekend when they opened for the NGS

" The should be Parrots" a friend remarked after one of her visits and as we explored this wonderful garden i had to agree but I must start at the beginning of our visit this Sunday, when they made a special opening for the NGS.

The spectacular of the garden was hidden from us as we made our way up through a woodland walk towards the garden, where gradually, little by little the usual unusual began to take shape. A few tree ferns beside the snaking path that followed a little stream that grew in intensity as we approached the garden. I took far too many photos and so I have made the blog in two parts, starting here with the woodland walk......

Spectacular car parking with views over Mounts bay including The Lizard

The generous trees that engulfed us at the
beginning of our journey

As we moved further into the woods we became aware of the water course
that followed our footsteps

The dappled sunlight and heavenly shadows

A long fallen tree in elegant repose

cocooned by the woods we wandered on

Our first glimpse of the hot heart of the garden in contrast
to our lupid shadows

We could see visitors climbing towards one of the
 vantage points but followed the signs back along
the voyage of discovery

We were not disappointed as the cleverly positioned
board walks led us through the water gardens now fully realised

Dramatic planting

so many vistas

and a whole world of tree ferns banana plants and bamboo

A tranquil pond

a carefully placed bench was never far away

The journey up through the lush woodland is only the start of the adventure as suddenly we emerged blinking into the bright sunlight and the full force of arid Mediterranean planting above a breathtaking view over Mounts bay. To see the next part of the garden click here!!

and then out into the hot garden

Friday, 22 August 2014

ednovean farm garden

Well goodmorning I had a little play with youtube yesterday and put a little bit more to our vid of the courtyard garden with a cameo appearance of Spud-Cat himself. I've finished with some purely gratuitous sunsets taken from the garden but why not!

This is the best music i could find that was add free so Please? could you tell me if there is even a sniff of one Thanks!! 

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Ednovean farm august in the courtyard

It was a lovely afternoon in our courtyard garden but don't take my word for it here's a little film of a quiet moment in the cornish sunshine to start your day!

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

August at Ednovean Farm

The little field with newly harvested bales caught my eye from our kitchen
window at Ednovean Farm this week

August remains a glorious contradiction, teasing us with  sharp downpours swiftly followed by bright hot sunshine to  as the tail end of the hurricane from half the world away disrupts our weather for a brief time.

These August days at Ednovean I can hear  the stronger cheeping of newly hatched young birds coming from under our eaves again this week and yet the blackberries are turning to a glossy black in the hedgerows and the honeysuckle is spreading seductively along the roadsides. Charles has mounted his nightly fig patrol in an effort to gather the ripening figs from the trees that line our courtyard garden before the equally eager birds snaffle the prized fruits. Spud occasionally mounts a guard but being a cat he is prone to dozing off at odd moments and he far prefers to stalk the young rabbits out in the fields.

Spud mounting a guard (or so he pretends) on
the ripening figs that line the courtyard garden

Fictus brown Turkey

Palms and box in pleasant green harmony

A Date palm framing a view across our parterre to the
Apricot Room

The five minute Spud-Cat patrol - well it is nearly tea time

So just a few snaps from our courtyard garden the other evening to share and don't forget I'll be only blogging on the new web site very soon so do keep in touch and find my new blog home attached to our website under the tab marked blog

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Don't forget to check out my first two post on my new blog

A new door to a new blog

Are you ready for the weekend - I know I am after a week watching my in box for the magic appearance of our new website and with it a newly created blog spot that is integral to the site. Now this is either promotion for me or misplaced confidence on the part of Paula Johnson our new web designer that I won't fiddle with the gubbins and cause a catastrophic crash! But you know I think I'll miss this little blog we go back a long way together from my first ventures out with the camera to try to get "everything" in shaky view. Well the camera is still firmly set to auto and now of nearly vintage years for a digital one but I've nearly mastered the art of breathing out from my core as I click the shutter. This really does work for me and it's a technique I learnt with Jenny Rolfe at Naturally classical on a residential course with Danni our Spanish Stallion. Still I digress! i looked again at our youtube account and it sat there sadly declaring "no videos" and so after examining  the previously mentioned elderly digital Canon powershot camera a little knob was found labeled videos and saying wind here ( no I'm joking) and so you may have spotted the little video that charles tried of our Italian Garden that I loaded up this week admittedly the  camera quality isn't good but it does have a strange floating quality among the tall green hedges. Over time we hope to improve of this first nervous experiment that took all evening of visiting the computer to see "are we there yet" when uploading let alone the time working out how to link the pictures together and add the text!

That's all from me today but do pop along to follow the new blog too I'd love to see you there!!

Click here to read my first post for the new blog I've opened  up the post already for you so to return to the main tab and the second post just click the Ednovean Farm logo

The sunset the other evening from Ednovean Farm - do keep in touch
Christine xx

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Ednovean Farm Italian garden

Welcome to our first little video exploring the Italian Gardens with their intriguing corners - a guest once came back to me and said "Don't laugh but I got quite lost in your Italian Gardens" Would you do you think!

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Into August after the rain and important blog news

Figs starting to plump in the courtyards

Firstly important news about the blog!! it is on the move to our shhh!!! soon to be revealed new web site. The old blog was attached to the site via a broken link - whatever that is - and as our new site is in wordpress, I'll be able to blog directly to the site. So the blogger blog will become a wordpress blog probably by the next week - if you would still like to follow us you can visit the our B&B web site in the same way as usual and then you may need to refollow on wordpress.
I'd really love to see you there!

back to garden and of course right on cue it rained and rained for the first day in august - I can't pretend we didn't need the rain but I think I'd got used to the Mediterranean lifestyle of sunshine and living outside. I took a few snaps around the courtyard that evening of the newly washed and refreshed foliage. Spud Cat kept a vigil in the barn though!

Spud Cat waiting for the weather

Sleeping soundly

White Hydrangeas and a garden bench set against a gently distressed wall

Vibrant Lillies that spread their rich scent about the

The lush foliage after the storm

Cheery Geraniums - red is good whatever the weather!

And so that is my set of snaps and don't forget before I leave you to check back in via the website for the new fresh blog

Good by to July and hello to August see you soon!