Saturday, 30 August 2014

A visit to Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens part one!

We made a visit to Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens this
weekend when they opened for the NGS

" The should be Parrots" a friend remarked after one of her visits and as we explored this wonderful garden i had to agree but I must start at the beginning of our visit this Sunday, when they made a special opening for the NGS.

The spectacular of the garden was hidden from us as we made our way up through a woodland walk towards the garden, where gradually, little by little the usual unusual began to take shape. A few tree ferns beside the snaking path that followed a little stream that grew in intensity as we approached the garden. I took far too many photos and so I have made the blog in two parts, starting here with the woodland walk......

Spectacular car parking with views over Mounts bay including The Lizard

The generous trees that engulfed us at the
beginning of our journey

As we moved further into the woods we became aware of the water course
that followed our footsteps

The dappled sunlight and heavenly shadows

A long fallen tree in elegant repose

cocooned by the woods we wandered on

Our first glimpse of the hot heart of the garden in contrast
to our lupid shadows

We could see visitors climbing towards one of the
 vantage points but followed the signs back along
the voyage of discovery

We were not disappointed as the cleverly positioned
board walks led us through the water gardens now fully realised

Dramatic planting

so many vistas

and a whole world of tree ferns banana plants and bamboo

A tranquil pond

a carefully placed bench was never far away

The journey up through the lush woodland is only the start of the adventure as suddenly we emerged blinking into the bright sunlight and the full force of arid Mediterranean planting above a breathtaking view over Mounts bay. To see the next part of the garden click here!!

and then out into the hot garden