Saturday, 9 August 2014

Don't forget to check out my first two post on my new blog

A new door to a new blog

Are you ready for the weekend - I know I am after a week watching my in box for the magic appearance of our new website and with it a newly created blog spot that is integral to the site. Now this is either promotion for me or misplaced confidence on the part of Paula Johnson our new web designer that I won't fiddle with the gubbins and cause a catastrophic crash! But you know I think I'll miss this little blog we go back a long way together from my first ventures out with the camera to try to get "everything" in shaky view. Well the camera is still firmly set to auto and now of nearly vintage years for a digital one but I've nearly mastered the art of breathing out from my core as I click the shutter. This really does work for me and it's a technique I learnt with Jenny Rolfe at Naturally classical on a residential course with Danni our Spanish Stallion. Still I digress! i looked again at our youtube account and it sat there sadly declaring "no videos" and so after examining  the previously mentioned elderly digital Canon powershot camera a little knob was found labeled videos and saying wind here ( no I'm joking) and so you may have spotted the little video that charles tried of our Italian Garden that I loaded up this week admittedly the  camera quality isn't good but it does have a strange floating quality among the tall green hedges. Over time we hope to improve of this first nervous experiment that took all evening of visiting the computer to see "are we there yet" when uploading let alone the time working out how to link the pictures together and add the text!

That's all from me today but do pop along to follow the new blog too I'd love to see you there!!

Click here to read my first post for the new blog I've opened  up the post already for you so to return to the main tab and the second post just click the Ednovean Farm logo

The sunset the other evening from Ednovean Farm - do keep in touch
Christine xx