Monday 2 February 2009

Cornwall has taken on a leaden, mysterious light

Cornwall has taken on a leaden, mysterious light along with the unaccustomed snow that has now shrouded the landscape. The flurries of snow have come more quickly throughout the day until Charles took this picture at 5.00p.m. which is such a contrast to our summer garden.No one here today, to sip wine or tea sitting in the empty chairs and watch the sun set over St Micheal's Mount but us. Even the cat has unaccountably filed himself in an invoice box in the office with a feline "Do not disturb unless you take responsibility for THIS weather" sign distinctly
displayed in his tightly curled orange form.
Earlier in the day it had seemed quite fun to watch the unaccustomed snow fall as Lizzie and April gathered beside the garden to contemplate the unaccustomed white stuff but now the landscape is still and white as darkness falls. What will tomorrow bring us?
Lizzie and April wrapped against the cold at lunchtime

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