Wednesday, 25 August 2010

A new cafe

Thought that you might like to hear about the new cafe being built in Perranuthnoe - they are bravely foraying on in Lynfield farmyard and craft centre at the moment, whilst their state of the art facilities are being built but check out The Peppercorn Kitchen for great home made and gluten free food.

More about figs

At last the figs that line the Italianate courtyard at Ednovean Farm have reached full production or to reword it, a glut. We served them for the first days just as they were but as the days have gone on Charles has become more and more inventive in his pursuit of the fig. This morning our guests had figs simmered with Oranges (including the zest) sweetened by organic honey and as the figs have piled up spilling over from the original descreet bowl to line th work top and perhpas take over the house I have noticed Charles searching the Internet for greater inspiration, as the trees are not finished yet, still needing daily patrols to beat the birds to the delicacies. Click here for fig recipes! or try this foody site. Fig Recipes BBC Good Food

In case of rain

Today's top tip is from Oliver Taylor Esq.

"In case of rain select a very cosy cardboard box and wait for better weather conditions"

The day started with an ominous feel as the skies darkened and even the birds were still, my anxious checks on met check revealed heavy rain was heading our way throughout the morning and sure enough the rain it raineth. Growing steadily in intensity over Breakfast time whilst Olly remained resolute in his resolve in his cardboard box, not stirring a muscle or twitching a whisker.

I had given the horses in the front field a good supply of hay to stock up on before breakfast and seen Wilbur who'd expectantly arrived and sat beside his saucer ready for his morning science diet - even the sparrows have had a top up of bird seed to fight the chill. But looking down from the kitchen the fountain in the courtyard below, merrily playing on, had the air of the orchestra as the Titanic Sank with the rain drumming down around it. Still perhaps it will make the grass grow!

Saturday, 21 August 2010

a reprise.........or just late!

Where has this month gone? the sometimes balmy days, the whirling wheels of the suitcases of arriving and departing guests, the gentle twilight evenings to sit in the courtyard listening to the horses snorting beyond the garden. When did I look up and see the first tender droplets of dew on the guests parked cars, the first berries slowly ripening in the hedgerow or hear the grass hoppers begin to sing into the night. When indeed did August start to slip away with Autumn approaching like the last days of ravaged youth. Yet still, as august is drawing to a close wrapping us in a womb like mist which only the sound of the waves breaking on the beach beyond Perranuthnoe penetrates........................................

A Cardoon in the gravel border feeding a tiny bee

The ripening apples in our tiny orchard

The shadows under the Olive trees behind the italian garden

The figs ripening beside the courtyard

Oliver Cat - official reception and Farmhouse Cat enjoying basking in the sunshine

with Wilbur, official invisible moggie, discreetly adopting a less prominent position in the herb garden
All is well at Ednovean Farm!

Thursday, 5 August 2010

A vacancy for next weekend

The sunset from the Blue room - photo by a guest

We have just received a cancellation for next weekend at Ednovean Farm for our lovely Blue room. So for for a fantastic sunset from you very own private terrace for Saturday the 14th and Sunday the 15th of August just call us!! (Bed and Breakfast included)