Sunday, 28 July 2013

Blue skies and rain clouds

Ednovean Farm

Our days are filled with blue skies and rain clouds, with the days of scorched crispy grass finally succumbing to the thundery showers that pulse across the bay. The horses are pleased in their own way, probably not quite knowing what had stopped their grass from growing but in a day or so they will be pleased witht he fresh new shoots of grass that should come after the showers.

Looking across the lawn yesterday evening

Spud has an instinct for the moment that the weather might change and claims the perfect snoozing corner, well before a single rain drop has fallen - ah such is the life of a cat!

Spuds special position

We have some new arrivals on the farm as the summer goes on - a family of fox cubs gamboling in the lane and starting to explore the countryside. Spud was outraged to fnd one in his garden the other evening and as we sat beside the lawn, we heard a small scuffle behind us followed by a young cub moving smartly out of the courtyard towards us. The little panicked creature saw us and tried to turn back but decided that "discretion was the better part of valour" and faced us instead, scurrying across the pots and plants that rippled like a wake behind him, hotly pursued by Spud with every hair of his coat standing on end and his tail at maximum distention. sigh........ I fear we will never be able to have a dog while Spud is in charge!

Date palms and Aloes int he lower border

The teasels have grown larger and more dramatic

A new use for and old packing box left in the bin by a departing guest

Crocosmia Lucifer is at its zenith at the moment

Flashes of red leading on to the lawn

Pots in the evening sunshine

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Days of Summer

The summer garden and view to St Micheal's Mount
from the Ednovean Farm Garden

What glorious summer day we have had, when the sky larks soar in a magical blue sky and butterflies dance on the breeze. Those days that will linger in our memories long into the winter and become part of that legend "I remember when Summers were...!" Those days when the heat of the day lingers on into the dusk and the scent of Lavender and Fennel drifts passed my senses bringing back half remembered days of other long past summers. It was on such a day that I walked up to the top of the farm while waiting for a water trough to fill with the extra water that the horses need in the heat and found a warm but delightful breeze, just enough to make the climb worthwhile as i hunted for that special photo of St Micheal's Mount in Mounts By below with the arch of towns and villages spread along the shore.

St Micheal's Mount on a Summers day from Ednovean Farm

My view from the hillside again listening to the sky larks song

Looking bake over the garden with the shad of the
sun umbrellas

On these warm summer day sometimes a  couple will reserve a table for two in our courtyard for a romantic private Breakfast among the Fennel and Feverfew tucked under the old pump that has seen many centuries come and go

A romantic Breakfast table tucked among the herbs and
pots in a tiny courtyard beside the house

A private table fro two!

Monday, 8 July 2013

Hot, hot, hot!!!

The courtyard this morning at Ednovean Farm

It is really so glorious that i couldn't resit taking a few extra snaps of the courtyard and views from our home at Ednovean farm this morning - must be quick because work is calling and so without further ado on to the


Sunday, 7 July 2013

The garden path and other musings!

The newly painted table and chairs in the Italian garden

I've been making a few tweaks to the garden in the last month, nothing fundamental more a question of mood. As i mentioned last week I was driven by guilt to repaint the table and chairs on one of the sheltered, secluded little lawns that lie hidden in the depths of the Italian Garden, ably assisted by Spud of course and after much deliberation about the mood of the silent empty spaces I decided to make them a little bit more guest friendly and empty some of the plants out of the courtyard if they looked as though they were starting to struggle in their pots. The little Olive Tree already looks quite at home here and in the next enclosure a nearly terminally ill pair of Bay trees have been placed to flank a garden bench for quite contemplation.

A newly painted bench tucked under one
of the sheltering hedges

The sun slanting across the centre aisle

The fluffy Golden oat grass is in full bloom
now at the garden entrance

But one little project that has haunted my imagination for over a year was a new simple path to link the main lawn to the higher shelter belt and allow a better garden loop or journey. I've eyed the pile of redundant stones outside the garden gate and planned their departure to a garden feature but somehow there has never quite been the time and so we made time leaving the weeding to get the "great project" underway!

The start of the path that will wind up through the
shelter belt

and then twisting away

before climbing a of couple turning  steps

We have placed a stature (a kind gift from Perrran Lady)
on one of the corners for our Mediterranean fantasy

and alas we have yet to finish but you can see the
 landscaping  fabric that should repress some of
 the weeds!

And so my tiny Mediterranean fantasy is under way winding its way up over the rising ground to finally reach a little round lawn before diving back though the sheltering hedge and passed the "sulking bench" set in an alcove. looking out towards the shipping lanes far out to sea. Finally the new journey will turn again through the hedge and drop back down near to the Apricot room and the formal Sundial Garden filled with lavender.

To the right the sheltered courtyard of the Apricot room

Lavender and Box filled beds

The sundial garden between the Blue and Apricot rooms

and so our journey is complete from the open lawn through the strappy palms and Phormiums of the shelter belt and back to the more formal garden. What to you think?

I'll leave you with the Geraniums just outside the Dining/Kitchen door that brighten up the breakfast room in the morning - hope to write again next week!