Sunday, 17 February 2013

A sunny weekend

I know this has become a sort of signature photo but i love
this view from the terrace at the top of the courtyard
and this morning it looked as gorgeous as usual when I
took a quick snap on my way to ride Danni for his morning

Well it has been a fabulously sunny weekend here in Cornwall that gave us a glimpse of Summer and of course now i want more!! My day started as always mucking out Danni as Charles gets on with feeding the youngsters before going along the lane to move the brood mares across to a fresh pasture. This little routine started so that they could enjoy some fresh grass for a couple of days in a little sheltered meadow and now they line up in their gateway as of right for their daily entertainment of a fresh field and new footpath to monitor. As I set out their breakfast buckets this morning I glanced across the bay and saw a flock of sea birds lifting like flotsam on the scudding waves of Mounts Bay, almost indistinguishable from the white topped waves that pored across the bay this morning in the brisk breeze. Later the surfers will poor down the village road to the beach with surf board lashed to cars or tucked inside for their days sport in the brilliantly blue but oh so chilly sea.

This week our lawns had their very first cut of the season from the newly serviced lawn mower and we gathered a ton builders bag full of debris from the palm trees pushing them hard into every corner to save too many trips to the bonfire across the lane and so it was with a certain amount of pleasure that I recorded the sunset tonight with the scent of newly mown grass in the air and the lull of the waves rustling threading through the twilight to me form the cove below Perranuthnoe. I wanted to try again to record the sunset through the handmade courtyard gate and it took Spud quite a lot of effort to wedge himself in front of the camera but with a heroic effort he managed it of course peering into the camera with a "You must be looking for me expression" that cats wear when being a pain!

My photos this week are firstly a couple from the garden:-

St Micheal's Mount looked gorgeous this morning

Sunshine on a statue deep in the Italian Garden

Greek pots on the terrace

Tea fro two? We've enjoyed that afternoon cuppa in the
garden twice this week now long may it continue!!

The sun setting beyond the courtyard that we made from the
old farmyard at Ednovean Farm

Spud just happened to be passing

back to that fabulous sunset

That fiery sky that tells that the temperature is dropping now

A last glimpse of the sun framed by our palm trees

Cat business!

Good night from Ednovean Farm!!

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Monday, 11 February 2013

Spring begins to stir the Ednovean Garden

Spring has started to stir in the Ednovean Farm gardens
a peek into the courtyard in front of the house this week

Spring has started to stir in the gardens now and the birds are hurtling about like outraged fighter pilots  or perching in hedges and opining to the accompanyment of their own selected melody. Spud-Cat varies his routine betweeen frantic patrolling of the lanes and fields and "duvetdays" on the sofa according to the weather in the lazy rythm of the changing year.
But back to the garden that is beginning to taunt me with undone jobs and things-to-do, let alone thsoe future project of paths and arches and.......... The first bright Daffodils have made threir appearance giving a little more urgency to the coming weeks but for now there is still time to play with Danni in the car park!

The gardens have grown wild and woolly through the days that we were
busy else where on the farm

The early Daffodils and Narcissus have sprung up

Daffodils waiting for just the right moment, under the fig trees,
 in the Courtyard gardens

I can never resist the miniature Daffodils

Crocuses that have over summered from their beginnings as a pot plant
last year!

Dani and I taking advantage of the empty car park for some
stretching exercises

Danni working on his Dressage