Monday, 23 May 2011

The wild garden

Irises under the olive trees behind the Italian Garden

The garden has grown wilder and untamed around the edges now and even the formal courtyards have a certain flamboyance with the abundant vegetation. We sat for a while in a little courtyard yesterday out of the wind surrounded by the opulent growth of spring - the Luquat has survived the winter chill quite well and tiny Aquilegias have sprung up uninvited but a happy surprise, non the less, amongst the gravel - a memory of past cottage gardens perhaps or seeded there by birds.

The gardener is still struggling with the Italian Garden hedges this year - I think we are approaching the third week of hedge trimming! Hopefully victory will be won quite soon and the hedges tamed for another year or is it month.....? I always enjoy the sense of stillness as i enter the cool green compartments away from the gales that battered us yesterday - i noticed a crow coming in to land on the roof turning his tail to the wind and gliding the last few feet backwards in a skilled maneuver perfected by Cornish birds. But today is another day and the garden lays still and out to sea the white horses have stopped their uneasy approach to the shores

One of our winding paths creeping steadily away into the garden

Friday, 20 May 2011

A vacancy for this weekend

The Apricot room

We've just had a cancellation for this weekend for our pretty apricot room. Such a pretty room in a delicate pastel blue with french doors leading to its own private courtyard with gorgeous views down through a little secluded formal garden of lavender filled filled beds towards Mounts Bay. I even laboured one winter to gouge a whole in the bank to the rear to allow the table and chairs to give a view to St Micheal's Mount........any takers?? Our ex guest was kind enough to say that he had based his choice on long research and our excellent reviews click here so can you help the poor chap can't come??!

Thursday, 19 May 2011

In pursuit of Poppies

This bright and blousey poppy appeared unexpectedly one year - not part of my sophisticated garden plan and each year goes from strength to strength - cheerfully voluptuous. at first I threatened to dig it up - this gaudy object in my delicate bed of lavender and herbs but each yea I forgot and now I really love it - my renegade poopy that bucks the trend.........maybe I#ll buy some more! I've been waiting for the sun to hit her bright delicate petals last night the subtle dusky light gave her a certain charm but.......

this morning as nature intended full volume

of certain vibrant colour. What is they say "the best laid plans of mice and men!"

Thursday, 12 May 2011

The joy of spring

Such a fabulous spring this year:- the wild flowers in the hedgerows, the hawthorn trees laden with blooms and our new baby colt in the paddock..................screech jar - just spent all afternoon again armed with a strimmer and I do believe i am starting to win!! Still the name Bodkin seams to have stuck to April's new colt foal and she is enjoying her well earned feast of spring grass!

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

May Garden

We sat with a glass on wine in the courtyard last night - I could say peacefully lulled by the sea but in fact I was planing the onslaught on the borders today. I conducted the "chain gang massacre" yesterday afternoon on the redundant daffodils (so over Daffodils now!) in preparation for tackling the growing anarchy that is taking place amongst the herbage. Come back tomorrow to see if I survive!

Looking back into the courtyard from the garden

The Tracycarpus flower that I showed you last week

Sensational if slightly bizarre

Hostas and Ferns in front of the stable yard

Such a lush corner

Monday, 9 May 2011

A new day

Our new little colt foal made his way out to the field the next morning with all of the Innocent optimism of the very young, safe beside his mother and guided by Charles

April spent a happy day with her new foal tucked up in a special little meadow we always save for those special new arrivals. She must have had a very special piece of sea weed because despite the horrible weather forecast the days have been kind to her and her new baby. When we brought them in this evening his coat had all of the heat from the sun in it as he bobbed his way back down the lane to bed.

Friday, 6 May 2011

Breakfast was a bit late this morning but...

Well breakfast was a bit late this morning because of the arrival of this young man one day ahead of schedule. Proud mum April was just finishing her son's wash and brush up when i arrived with her breakfast. Isn't he gorgeous??!

For more pictures please visit Dani's blog (click here) or follow the link on the right - busy day!!