Friday, 13 March 2015

Spring in Daffodils

Mixed species of Daffodils frame an old granite gatepost at the end of a vista

Spring to me means daffodils, those impossibly bright flowers that appear as if by magic each year after the long winter days As the weeks have gone by the drifts of spring daffodils have unfurled across the garden threading like  a  coloured ribbon amongst the palms and framing the marker stones at the end of walks.

This week in the garden I  spent some time raking up the palm frond that had fallen in the overnight gales accompanied by the ever present Spud Cat of course. He's always a great diversion from any repetitive jobs in the garden, racing around the palms and occasionally shining up the trunks to look down at me triumphantly from his lofty perch. i can almost hear him saying "Cats rule OK!" This week he found the new shoots of the catmint just above the soil - well all I can say is "My name is Spud and I'm a catnip-o-holic!"

I'll leave you with a photo I took this morning looking down through the courtyard to the sea from our home at Ednovean Farm  as spring gathers momentum.

The courtyard garden in front of our home opens to the
sweep of the main lawn fringed by palm trees - that's
St Michael's Mount beyond

Spud Cat Esq gardening cat extraordinary

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