Sunday, 28 February 2010

Another day in the life of

Another day in the life of the animals at Ednovean - for Wilbur a return to his favourite sun bathing spot on a bench in the "birdie" garden...............

for little Da Vince the second outing in his life to the big outside world - suitable wrapped against the cold today

and time for a discreet spin around the field with Mum

A little blue boy

Saturday, 27 February 2010

Foal Launch today

Today little Da Vince had his first taste of the outside world. We chose the warmest part of the day of milky warm sunshine to take the pair up to the fields behind the house to spend a few hours.

They so enjoyed their day together in the early spring sun and now the little chap is happily curled up asleep probably dreaming of his next meal whilst mum stocks up with a well earned hay net

I took a few snaps of the Bay whilst keeping a discreet eye on the pair - the waves are breaking into Marazion today

and tucked below the mount - intense activity of workers harvesting Cauliflower

Trencrom just behind St Ives stark against the sky

And tomorrow a storm is forecast and so this was Da Vince's first adventure but he may have to wait for the second one for a few days

Friday, 26 February 2010

A spring morning

Snow drop with planting by Mister Mouse
Spring comes early to West Cornwall and the early bulbs start to break through - sometimes in very unexpected places - I can only think that this unplanned planting was by Mister Mouse Esq. Still they looked very charming this morning nestling against a moss cushioned rock so who I am I to complain in the comnpany of a highly qualified expert on these matters.

The morning brings many things and one of them is the ritual of visiting the muck heap, pulling or pushing the horses offerings up the incline in the heavy barrow - but the view isn't too bad as you can see when you get there - By the way Large quantities free to any gardener to take away and enjoy the view whilst collecting!

Moving on...............the sharp unexpected light caught the symmetry of the box balls that line the little terrace in front of the garden room this morning

as I passed by to check out those Daffodils. Yes! bouncing in the morning "Breeze" they are beginning to break into flower as a sure sign that the time is soon coming for spring

Below the garden the brood mares Lizzie and Diva are still stoutly wrapped against the sea breeze their shadows long across the grass but their appetite growing daily for the first fresh shoots of lush growth after the scorched grass of winter.

Thursday, 25 February 2010

A colt foal

At last after days of waiting Belle gave birth to a beautiful colt foal at 12.30 - the only sound in the stable was her deep rhythmic breathing and the sea echoing across the fields to us from the beach below the village. She waited until the wind had turned to bring the warm westerlies to Cornwall and with it the sea swell that heralds spring.

We've been awake through the night to check that all is going well and Charles has just called out that the young man is now feeding on his own ( we can monitor the stable from our bedroom) and so I think we can grab a few hours sleep. Good night or should I say good morning - for more gruesome pictures check out Dani's blog our stud diary!

De Vinci at less than an hour old

Sunday, 21 February 2010

The Joy of clutter

There is a certain joy in clutter to me - a security of the familiar. Tidy as i will the ancient bear from my childhood has been a constant companion in my life, watching the guests go by over the years. The books that line a corner of the office still promises hours of browsing, re read occasionally and part of the framework of life. All the familiar clutter of multi coloured textures that chart our lives with a certain reassuring, soothing, prescience and so I must admit that minimalism has passed us by to date but how could anyone consign Teddy to the bin?

Today was the turn of the little candle chandeliers that hang over the breakfast table for their spring clean. I immersed them in the capacious Belfast sink before hanging them to dry over the Rayburn, their glass droplets are now gleaming after meeting warm soak in water laced with a little white wine vinegar.

Belle is still blooming but keeping her own council as when she will produce her foal - she settled down to her supper tonight with all of the soporific relaxation of the expectant mother - we would just like a few results now and a decent nights sleep!

Saturday, 20 February 2010

A horse at the botttom of the garden

It has been another glorious day here in Cornwall and as I glanced out of the kitchen window this afternoon I spotted Belle just below the garden gate looking like an enormous lilac barrage balloon or as Charles prefers a round Easter egg.

Belle our expectant mum

The view from our kitchen window - not a bad way to start the day............!

Sleepless night follows sleepless night as we wait and wait for Belle to decide the time and the place. Belle on the other hand divides her time between sleeping with her hooves neatly tucked underneath her, to laying completely flat in her luxurious clean foaling suite - her every move monitored by us on the TV as lay sleeplessly watching. She is normally up by seven o'clock and then potters over to wait looking out of her stable door leaving us just enough time to relax and have a cup of tea before it's time to get up. Grrrrrrrrrrr.
Olly Cat is also manning (or should I say Catting)the monitor, with an experts eye trained over years of mousing. He watches fascinated and has even abandoned his 4.00am mousing missions in favour of advanced purring duties, although he did fill in a bit of time shredding the Cornishman ( a local news paper) the other morning in the early hours .............double Grrrrrrrrrrr.!!

Friday, 19 February 2010

Pending daffodils

We are still pending daffodils here at Ednovean farm but each time the skies clear and the sun sets a silk of gold over the hard earth of winter I take a look at the first clump to gage their progress. Well not yet as you can see but the days start to warm and the nights draw out so very soon I think.

This young filly was basking in the morning sunshine waiting to go out to the fields for the day this morning ears pricked with the sharp optimism of youth.

and the little sitting room between the Apricot room and the Blue room looked particularly cosy as I walked past to record garden this morning touched once again by frost.

The scattering of hail stones that lay in odd corners couldn't dent my enthusiasm this morning and it seemed almost balmy perhaps we have adapted to the new temperatures of Global warming!

Still no sign of Belles foal I'm afraid but a good nights sleep would be bliss!

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Toujour Apricot

Well today was spent on a spring clean for the Apricot room - I was quite pleased with it as i put the flowers on the dressing table ready for the new guest so i thought I'd take a photo to mark the occasion as the afternoon drew to a close.
I think its safe to visit this week - fingers crossed! Thanks Perranlady for the heads up ah hum!!
The bedroom is just waiting for the summer sunshine to come in through those french doors now

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Belle pending

We are waiting for a very special event here at Ednovean Farm - Belle's time is drawing near and her foal is due on the 14th of February. She moved into our "maternity suite" tonight under an infra red camera, so a few sleepless nights stretch before us now but Belle is looking serene so fingers crossed ever body for a safe delivery.

Oh so cosy

A cosy evening within the old stone walls as the temperature drops outside again - ah well looking forward to Spring

Monday, 8 February 2010

A spring clean for the Pink room

Well it's the time of year for it and this weekend the Pink room had my undivided attention despite the blue skies beckoning outside. Moving a four poster bed is not a light undertaking but Charles and i pulled the weighty monster across the floor before i piled most of the furniture in the bed for the duration of operation vacuum cleaner, that lasted............some time!

I always find the Pink room is reassuringly cosy with the cocooning canopy of the bed for winter evenings

I remember the day that it was delivered - I was so excited as a battered van arrived with THE BED that I had long been waiting for from the Guild of Craftsmen.............Throughout the day it was steadily assembled, probably never again to leave the room

Yes it definitely wouldn't get back through that door again!

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Hearts and Velentines

With Valentines day fast approaching we still have the Apricot room available for the weekend here at Ednovean Farm shhhhhhhhhhh!!

I found the sweet little heart to decorate my stairs at Perran Crafts - a place I always manage to while away the odd half of an hour when walking down to the beach - I love little details to add to my home.............of course it is getting a bit full..................!

Speaking of details i happened upon a small observation of life in the aisle of Tescos the other day - as i rounded the corner of the aisle with my merry trolley i heard one lady say to the other "i had him on weight watchers and he lost a lot of weigh but now hes put it all back on , what with the winter. He just lays around and doesn't do anything" "i know " said the second lady, "Mines the same , he wont go outside" Visions of sloth like Husbands started to fill my mind when the first lady sighed and said " and now he's limping - its the weight - he jumped down off of the fence and hurt his paw" Eureka! not a husband at all they were discussing their cats phew..................mind you Olley is now very well upholstered too.

And lastly a restaurant recommendation from one of my guest this weekend - they tried Ben's Cornish Cafe and had a super meal and a seriously good pudding. And that is all of my small details of life for today

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Spring cleaning etc...........

The slate flagged entrance hall at Ednovean Farm

February is an odd month with neither the womb like feeling of winter, when it seems OK to tuck yourself up in a toasty corner with a good book and vegetate on the year, nor the growing vibrancy and urgency of spring. Perhaps time for a spot of spring cleaning to give purpose to the new year? or so I thought and with that in mind I crawled around the hall floor applying Johnson's traffic wax to bring the flagstones back to life ready for our new visitors.....looks quite good doesn't it..................pity i missed the bit around the table leg though!

Charles took this one by mistake through the kitchen window, as he fiddle with the back of the camera - but a happy accident looking down at the Parterre!

Monday, 1 February 2010

A boat beyond the garden

There was a huge boat at the end of the garden today when we woke up - to be precise it was in Mounts Bay beyond Perranuthnoe but just for a moment it looked as though some one had carelessly left if beyond the hedge - a huge red boat!

Our second caller of the day was equally jumbo compared to his brethren, artfully waiting to visit our bird feeder where with great dexterity and cunning he eats his fill..............all in all a very busy morning here at Ednovean!