Saturday, 31 July 2010

Ednovean Farm this evening

Life has a gentle rhythm in the evenings as we settle our horses for the evening - Charles collected Diva and her new foal Magic to bring into the stables for the evening - he'll be tucked under her hay net fast asleep in no time...........that's magic not Charles of course!

This seasons foals Toffee and Sophie share a bowl of stud mix - a sort of horse muesli just under the garden hedge.

Two year old Dolly has been concentrating on growing this summer and has made many friends in the village and now
looking back at the week.............................

Danni drying in the car park after his bath on Sunday - he had his enormous mane plaited for a Dressage lesson with Peter Madison Greenwell visiting St Piran's Stud across the valley in Perranuthnoe

and I think I must be giving a guest, just seen returning from their walk, a blow by blow account of our adventure here..........alas Danni didn't stay this clean for very long but at least we tried
and lastly a sunset from our garden from this week- I always love to see the palms against the night sky

The powerful glow behind the Italian Garden with the moors of Penwith beyond.

and that was Ednovean farm this evening with a few odd days of the week thrown in!!

Gwennap Gardening Club

This week the Gwennap gardening club visited us at Ednovean Farm and so we spent a busy week primping and preening the garden or to be more accurate, making an all out assault on the hedges in the Italian Garden.

As we toiled away within the cocoon of the hedges,the hours chimed by the clock on the church tower in the village below, a neat and orderly garden seemed a long way off but by Thursday afternoon it was almost ready.............I emerged clutching my strimmer with twenty minutes to spare, as a steady convoy of cars converged on the farm yard. Now for gardening, every body has their favorite outfit and mine could be described as, passed its sell by date or recycle bin chic, the petrol strimmer and face mask being the ultimate accessory of course. And so I viewed the stream of shiny cars with some alarm before being swiftly dispatched to change by Charles!

Our self seeded Agapanthus were the stars of the show, that have colonised the gravel in front of the garden room and Blue room and produced huge stunning blooms for which I can claim no credit what so ever!

The church tower in the valley below just seen through the Agapanthus with the sea behind

Very special home made Summer teas are served in Perranuthnoe Church room every Thursday throughout the Summer months and so the garden club retreated to the pretty traditional building tucked under the church walls in the heart of the village - i knew they would get a good one as I had passed Yvonne in her car stacked with supplies when I was coming home from exercising Danni that morning and she had just been out for extra bread as she had heard that twenty three people were coming!
As we are not opening for the ngs this year, I asked the club to donate the £5 entry per person to their favorite charity and their vote was for shelter box and we were so pleased to support such a great charity - just a bit pooped!

And of course Lizzie ( with friends) was waiting for her tea right on time that evening at the bottom of the garden!

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

TV programmes Ducks and Cats

Well Ednovean Farm featured for 45 seconds on German TV last night - the programme should be available to view on the web site very soon but as non German speakers we haven't quite spotted it yet - I think that there was mention of a months delay! Still click here to visit their web site
We are in very illustrious company with the vibrant new Scarlets. Which brings me around to you can see our escapee duck has now been put in charge of the tide times at the Breakfast table so I can keep a very strict eye on him from now on.

and Cats of course ..............Oliy is taking everything in his stride including his new fame although a raised seat is obviously necessary from now on

Oley in the car park/stable yard

.....................and just to remind us why we love Cornwall -The view across the lawn the other morning after the storm - if you look closely you can see the mountains of Cordyline leaves that we had to pick up but the magical blue of the sea and the sky were a great start to the day

Sunday, 11 July 2010

A few flowers

Well I waited for a really sunny day to record some of our garden flowers this year but settled for a moth eaten overcast one instead

One of our German guest came in to Breakfast and said they had apprehended a yellow duck hiding under their bathroom window, in the lavender, where it had obviously made a daring bid for freedom! Duck restored!!!

gaps at the front courtesy of our garden rabbits!

The garden steamer chairs lead an itinerant life so I can never be sure where they will pop up next but today, this one was in a perfect position for my flowers

The lavender still blousily fills the little herb garden at the entrance, lingering between full bloom and decline

A garden seat favoured by Wilbur the stray cat safely invisible as people walk past towards the house and seldom glance at the bench - Olly favours a position in the lavender plants

The little herb garden again

The pots of french lavender that line the Parterre wall on the approach to the front door - the humble privet hedge has been stunning this year - a sort of vertical medieval flowery mead

Gardeners tip A gardening guest suggested feeding my pots with Tamorite and they are all doing well this year

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Thank you!!

Thank you Perran lady for coming to our aid with a superb fleet of rubber ducks - the duck is now reinstated on our window sill ready for bath time action...............

Taking a journey into Penzance, the outer Hebrides as far as Charles in concerned and full of shops too, not good for a chap but Perran lady bravely set forth into the metropolis and located the perfect duck for happy bathtimes. So thank you Perran Lady!

We did find a web site selling Rubber Ducks (as used in the Big Brother household) though with Ducks in every colour but hadn't got as far as clicking the mouse!

Sorry little Tiger wasn't about when you called but he is now celebrating life with some good tigger bounces and has TWO Teeth

Those little tiger stripes

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Foreign parts in pursuit of a rubber duck

"Tes foreign parts m'dear" the Cornish would sometimes say, if visiting the next parish - well today we visited a place i had never been before..............just up the road in the next Parish. I knew it was there of course but life never travelled in that direction you see and so like a lot of things it remained unvisited. But today we were in hot pursuit of a rubber duck - a long story but a couple of weeks ago one of my fleet of rubber ducks that way the Bathroom towels down mysteriously went missing and so a visit to RJ Supplies purveyor of very fine rubber ducks was called for.

Not a duck in sight - in fact, I spoke to the very nice lady, dusting some enchanting garden lanterns and she said she hadn't seen any for at least two years ..........and so I was duckless at Praa sands but plus the Saturday papers. A small plan formed to visit Rinsey Head to look at the engine houses that featured in the Poldark series many years ago - perhaps to potter along the coastal path a few yards. We turned of the A394 just opposite the old post office and crept towards the coast along the narrow lane. Now it must be said that in the later stages the road would be unsuitable for a Porche or even a car with paint work younger that 1990 but for our old Landrover it was fine and great parking in the national Trust Car Park.

The engine house lay intriguingly ahead BUT another sign said beach so...............

plan A was scrapped in favour of plan B and the sand was soon revealed beguilingly below us

the lovely unspoilt heathland in the area

and the narrow steep path to the beach

Peaceful, unspoilt, not a house in sight with the cliffs echoing from the surge of the sea - a hidden gem five minutes drive away ..........but not a Duck in sight and so if you are reading this - Can we have our duck back please???????????? it must be rare, as rare as finding a hidden Beach for the afternoon in Foreign parts!

Friday, 2 July 2010

Today at Ednovean FArm

Well after a day that may be best forgotten, as the rain swept through, our new little foal had his first outing to the field this morning. Clinging closely to his mum as she clung even closer to the safety of the gateway. But the outing went well and to her releif, Diva went back to her bed by 2.0pm to snooze happily for the afternoon her new son tucked under her haynet in the corner, out of harms way.

Whilst I had the camera in my hand I went to the front field and took a few pictures of the mares above the village

The Ednovean Family grazing above ST Micheal's Mount and..............

Little Sophie in front of Perranuthnoe

Walking back to the house the Geraniums have survived the wet day quite well but the Agapanthus that has self seeded in the gravel is tantalizing yet to flower

The french lavender is still doing well in the pots that line the parterre wall

my favourite corner!