Wednesday, 30 June 2010

To Diva a colt

It's a boy born at 9.15!! To lovely Diva our Thoroughbred mare

Father Danni our Spanish Stallion with Diva in spirit ah hum just building up his strength after the birth!

From Ednovean to the Sea

After a busy we week treated ourselves to a walk on Sunday taking the footpath across Ednovean farm to Trebarvah and then winding down the hillside towards the coastal path. The first view back towards Perranuthnoe always enchants me - the combination of the old farming ways and the glorious views across Mounts Bay............

We left the sandy beach of Perranuthnoe far behind us below as we cut through the higher footpath with its great view back over the beach

if you click the photo to enlarge it and you'll see the brave sea bathers

Perranuthnoe from the cliffs with the high moors behind that separate us from the St Ives coast

Some of the tiny fields are still in production whilst others have been taken back by nature

The low trees that line the coast

looking forwards to Cudden Point

But we clambered down to Stackhouse cove spending the day on one of the little beaches with a picnic, watching a family trawl backwards and forwards across the rocks, searching the sea pools that team with baby fish at this time of year.

Through the afternoon the sea grew until we eventually retreated to the little beach at the far end to watch the waves start to churn across the cove before swimming in the more sheltered waters of the navigation channel in front of a ruined boat house

The Sunday papers were reduced to crumpled ruins to carry home as we clambered at last from the beautiful wild cove to journey back along the cliffs to Perranuthnoe and Ednovean Farm where Olly cat was still waiting just as he had left us, in a field gateway, across the lane from the house. He swore he had sat there all afternoon if you can believe a cat!
Diva has yet to foal but today she is running milk so I think we can expect an arrival of the Trans Continental stork very soon now - fingers crossed and all good vibes for Diva please!!!!

Friday, 18 June 2010

Summer days

The early morning light was lovely at Ednovean Farm yesterday morning and I took a few snaps as the dew was still on the grass and the courtyards were bathed in a golden glow from the dawn

The early morning rabbit patrol were still on duty in the garden (look on the path in the gateway!)

and the courtyards are alive with small birds calling at their local restaurant for breakfast.....

this little chap likes to carry his seed to a handy plant pot to eat

It is always intriguing to see which boat have come into the bay over night

a corner waiting for our guests

Poppies self seed around the gravel, descendants of an original packet of seeds bought from Woolworth's in the seventies - it is always a surprise each year as they return.
The horses make their way out to the fields first thing in the morning - this is little Sophie who as born last month following her mum across the car park -

and February's colt Toffee has been promoted to a head collar

This is Diva - our next mare to foal enjoying her Breakfast on her porch along the lane, she is always one of my first visits of the morning - each day she grows larger so it surely can't be much longer until the Trans Continental stork comes to call again at Ednovean Farm!

Monday, 14 June 2010

The June garden

Each day I've hoped for rain and each day has dawned dry with a feisty wind for company. Why rain - to wash the fertiliser in on the field in front of the garden for Diva and Dolly and of course it was the one thing set to make the drought continue. Still last night we did at last have a few showers before today dawned.........dry and overcast, mellowing to a clear blue sky with obligatory feisty wind. Still hopefully the horses can now feast on the new improved grass as Diva come closer to her day of foaling.

The garden has grown lush of late despite the French lavender dancing in the pots on the terrace in the eternal breeze and the country lanes have lazily settled into their summer finery of Dog roses and mounds of Honey suckle garlanding the hedge rows

Olly still takes his various self appointed duties very seriously escorting me here and there about the garden - occasionally disdainfully glowering at the scurrying Rabbits - the duties of a garden cat. Wilbur the garden Tabby scored a hit on the day of the garden opening by carrying a newly demised rabbit straight into a group of visitors which provoked loud screams from the ladies - he was so shocked he dropped the rabbit and fled poor chap but he is now restored to full rabbiting mode. I've just seen him departing towards the Italian Garden with a gleam in his eye!

I was fascinated by the star fish shadows under the date palm in the main courtyard as the sun is now high overhead

and lastly meet Dandy who was born in Marazion and is the latest Danni baby - we went to see him this afternoon after the obligatory shop in Penzance - pretty cute!

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Purely Vintage

So here she is our vintage visitor without the errr interesting camera effects of the other day - her owners kindly let me take a few more pictures before she growled her way home along the motor way. Safe Journey!

She even sported an AA badge which brings me neatly to the info that we have received an AA Highly Commended award again this year. Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and thank you AA

Monday, 7 June 2010

Perranuthnoe open gardens

£2,130.00!! The amount raised this year by Perranuthnoe open gardens. That is the good news the bad news is that I didn't check the camera settings (it was on w or something) and my photos are rubbish - sorry but click here for Perran Lady's blog for some much better pictures!

I'm not sure what the setting did but mine are quite interesting in their awfulness!

Charles bring down the horses hay nets for the night

A great car that arrived with a guest

The Gunnera leaves
and so the flags, the bunting, the hundreds of visitors, the scudding sunshine, the music drifting up from the village - all are unrecorded this year but it gave a lot of people a great day out!

And welcome Judy - great to see you here - Judy's book "Work from Home Wisdom" is available from all good book shops - vital reading for anyone thinking of working from home!