Thursday, 21 January 2010

Socket A and the DVD's

As the season aproaches it starts to become time to tweek the house, re-arrange, re-decorate and re think and it is at that moment that the gentleman of the household comes face to face with socket a (to be aligned with bracket b etc)

To start at the beginning our DVD collection at Ednovean Farm has become embarrassingly large spilling out of the artful old Apple basket and sundry other containers to resemble uncontrolled heap. A piece of furniture was definitely needed to meet the need but what? A little cabinet caught my eye in Telegraph Home, reduced no less, who can resist a bargain? and even better it was in the sale. Very soon the deed was done and said cabinet, promised to hold 120 DVDs was on its way to Cornwall. .............and that is why Charles is crouching in the hall with that anathema of male life:- the instructions. Admitted the writer of aforementioned instructions, with economy of purpose, had manage to omit the English language altogether, reducing the remit to one piece of paper contain a series of hieroglyphs and oblong looking shapes. Helpfully we found a bag of screws, quite a lot of polystyrene and some pieces of wood contained in the box and so several hours later and only six screws and means to hold the door nob on short, Charles had completed the object! A DVD cabinet.

We hurried off to the guest sitting room bearing our prize and proceeded to stuff DVDs onto the newly created shelving, which be warned is slightly unbalanced with the door open.....................Well we now only have fifty left over so the Apple basket was brought back into commission to take the overflow..................I have mentioned to husband the possibility of buying second cabinet...................!

The cabinet is rather shiny for my taste at the moment but I intend to give it a paint finish in Farrow and Ball colours