Saturday, 2 January 2010


A new day and a new year -2010! As children did we think of life in 2010...........only with space ships circling over head probably but now it's hear and perfectly normal - ah well back to Orson Wells.

The bay looked beautiful yesterday morning from my kitchen window and the lawn is looking pretty good too for the time of year

The mount in the low light of winter could be straight from a fairy tale with the turrets spiralling out of the very rocks of Cornwall mysteriously hinting of the time of legends. But that was yesterday..............

Today we woke up to a sparkling world of a dozen artful grotto's, the spectacular transformation that only comes in Cornwall every now and again

The Parterre in the centre of the courtyard misted by the mornings magic

The box of the Parterre hedges were transformed

and with the sun the moment was gone until the next time.

A very Happy new Year to everybody! Christine and Charles