Sunday, 10 January 2010

Small triumphs

As the icy, snowy grip of winter holds us captive, every day brings a series of small triumphs to our lives - get to the corn merchant to replace the horses shavings - triumph; Lead our stallion Danilon our around the carpark with his legs magically sliding this way and that for ten minutes - triumph; sortie to the village shop for essential supplies - triumph. Just living life, brings a feeling of achievement in the daily markers of success........simpler somehow and relished for each positive moment. Meanwhile our group of horses have settled into their new daily routine and although the severe weather warning triangle that has hung over the weather map for Cornwall, for days has now magically vanished, today, the day still started with steady powdery snow.

The thoroughbred brood mares, Diva and Belle with the diligent accompaniment of Dolly, have long given up the treacherous transit along the lane to join Lizzie and April and potter off to shelter under a hedge each day, mournfully swathed in rugs from head to toe while their stables are cleaned patiently waiting to come in again. Meanwhile, Lizzie and April don't believe in too much fresh air either and as their stable opens straight into the field they are free to choose and and choose they do to stay indoors for the day, hooves tucked into the deep straw only occasionally venturing out from under the overhang to look over the gate- but not too often.

Powdery snow has fallen through the day on the gardens at Ednovean Farm

Charles with one of last years foals Amie who was born in June - confined to her stable by the treacherous ice along with Annie and Archie

and so our day finishes with a feeling of satisfaction for small things that have mad our lives comfortable only to start again tomorrow