Wednesday, 6 January 2010


Sunrise over Trebarvah this morning

Ednovean farm in Cornwall by mid morning

From Ednovean Lane

Perranuthnoe from our garden

East of Perranuthnoe

St Micheal's Mount from the bottom of our garden

The Italian Garden with the moors blanketed with snow behind it

A view form our kitchen window - much warmer!

Across the Parterre towards the Blue and Apricot rooms

The house in the snow

The steps beside the courtyard

Ednovean farm from across the lawn

Olly's favourite seat strangely not available this morning

We let the horses out first thing to discover a disaster - no grass!! Dolly couldn't quite believe her eyes

We kept Archei the baby of the farm in today

So! our day finished yesterday as the snow started to fall and by last night our evening checks on the horses were done in deep crisp snow crunching along the lane to Lizzie and April and across to Bellle Diva and Dolly whilst Charles looked after Danni Archie Annie and Amie beside the house. We were glad to settle indoors with a good DVD from our collection and a happily purring tom cat on the end of the bed. This morning IT WAS STILL THERE.
I took the photos of the fiery dawn over Trebarvah looking for all the world like a Norse funeral, after feeding Diva and Friends. I've taken various views of the house and across the lawn to Mounts Bay click the pictures to enlarge them for a better view - no more time today but I hope that you enjoy seeing Ednovean Farm in the rare snowfall