Friday 8 January 2010

walking in the snow

Fallow fields at Ednovean Farm

Another crisp and dazzling day here in West Cornwall, and we were tempted to go for a walk for the sheer joy of experiencing the the magical countryside. The snow crunched deliciously underfoot as we set off across the front field towards Perranuthnoe with the vague idea of perhaps stopping fro a drink at the Victoria inn or visiting the beach cafe. Alas as i slid gently through the bottom gate and looked at the expanse of ice between us and our destination a more prudent course of action was called for and so we turned and climbed the footpath(24) back across the field towards the junction with 25 and turned left at the top of the hill towards Trebarvah.

We stopped at the top of the hill to admire the view back across the fields towards Perranuthnoe and St Micheal's Mount framed as yesterday by the hills behind Penzance dusted by snow.

and of course the lovely old church tower of Perranuthnoe church at the heart of Perranuthnoe village.

We scrunched briefly on to the lane passed the cluster of houses that form Trebarvah before turning through the farm yard there where it was business as usual.

Farm vehicles between the two farmsteads of Trebarvah
A reminder of how hard the work is to produce the vegetables in the supermarkets and of course of the farming industry of West Cornwall

We spent a moment admiring the particularly lovely view back across the fields to Perranuthnoe but instead of taking the footpath back to the village and that icy road home we continued towards the cliffs...........

as the snow came in again the Victoria inn could be seen glowing pink at the bottom of the terraced fields............

and the beach at high tide, strangely deserted. but as the snow thickened we turned back for home revelling in the steady creak of our footfalls as the fresh snow crushed gently under our feet

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