Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Magical sunset

A moment of magic at the end of the day - took this
photo from just in front of the Pink room, of St Micheal's
 Mount beyond our garden at Ednovean Farm

before walking down from the courtyard to the

From the lawn at Ednovean Farm looking out of the field

I think this one is my favourite one of St Micheal's Mount

Slowly the sun sank lower behind Penzance across Mounts

and finally back to the terrace in the courtyard where the sun was still
a huge red disk

and finally was swallowed by the horizon

A long but happy day today renovating a corner of the garden that had developed a mind of its own but as the evening closed in as i nursed an aching back, a moment of magic revealed itself as the sun sank down behind St Micheal's Mount and our garden settled down to the night. Night night sweet dreams all.