Friday, 13 February 2009

No dogs please (or pets)

Olley our cat
No dogs please our web site says or perhaps more accurately "No pets" - (we had to change it to no pets to cover a few more species after a German couple manged to smuggle their cat through customs in a picnic basket. "But you say no dogs, not no cats".............) The armed response unit that arrived and the subsequent report on the local radio about a raid on a B&B in Perranuthoe was a bit embarrassing but the police were very nice for the three hours they were here. And then there was the couple that arrived with a parrot - we decided to compromise and let them put the cage in the guest sitting room - provided they didn't let it out of course. I was a bit surprised when I saw it flying passed the stables but the couple swore they always "flew their parrot free" and it was indeed as a fiat accompli now sitting on his masters shoulders on the Blue room terrace....But definitely not left in his cage as agreed. Yes well- so no pets it is then.
Olley it must be said, is not fond of dogs, as an opinionated Cat - which is why we are Dogless of Perranuthnoe at the moment and although I long for a Lurcher dog now the loss of Blaze two years ago has found a new place, we still don't have a dog. So we definitely don't take dogs or cats or parrots - humans only infact.............over 16 years
We've had couples that have arrived late at night with a car full of dogs, we couldn't subject the animals to a night in the car in possibly sub zero temperatures, and none of the pubs (1) hotels (4) or B&B's(3) that we have contacted on their behalf, were willing to take pets or accept responsibility for them sleeping outside either. So please do check when booking. There is an excellent guide called Pets Welcome for people travelling with a dog - but come to think of it we didn't travel with Blaze when he was alive either. So Sorry but we really don't take dogs.....or pets.