Monday, 27 August 2012

That was the week.....

The view over the garden towards Perranuthnoe
 from the Blue room terrace

For the first time this week my thoughts started to turn towards autumn, i don't know why, perhaps a certain slant of the light or watching Danni nibbling the blackberry flowers from the hedgerow on one of his daily grazing forays along the lane. Certainly the days have been warm, almost tropically humid and we have paid the price for our indolent Olympics watching as we tried to catch up with the garden Charles finally conquered the last lawn by Friday and i met the guest slightly spattered form the strimmer I was still clasping along with a face mask and can of petrol but the garden looked good for the Bank holiday weekend. Gloomily watching the weather forecast though i worked out the grass would have probably regrown by the time the guests managed to go to see it. But surprisingly mainly it was kinder that expected.

 My first photos were taken from the Blue room terrace looking out across the garden:-

From the Blue room terrace - we had the uprights made
at a yacht chandlers as i wanted something simple to
define the space without detracting from the view

The view over the lawn towards the Italian garden with the distant hills
that separate us from St Ives beyond

St Micheal's Mount and Mounts Bay of course that is penzance behind the
Mount and Newlyn to the left of the picture

The edge of the Garden terrace - alas the Italian Garden hedges are ready for
another trim!

A net row of white Geraniums screen the table and chairs outside of the
garden room

The Agapanthus have finally faded in places perhaps that is what is making me think of autumn - of those walks along the cliff from here or spuddling along the tide line of an empty beach

Saturday morning in a much photographed courtyard corner

The Bank holiday came for us with a trip to the supermarket for me because it is hard to know peoples favourite foods until they come but Spud trotted out to meet me when I came home tail bristling with pride

Spud trotting out to meet me from my shopping trip

Danni and Rodger had a visit from the horse dentist essential if the sharp edges on their teeth are not going to interfere with feeding but open wide doesn't come into it!

So what seems to be the problem? Charles was acting as "nurse"

Danni our stallion with Stephen Williams EqDT

We ate super outside on Saturday evening and I took a few snaps of my latest favourite planters to finish our week and then I added the latest DVD Battleship to our DVD collection and we just "had" to watch it first - good escapist stuff with witty references to Nelson "Straight at em" (even if they are aliens) and comfortingly all the right people come up trumps in the end! So that was our week at Ednovean farm!

I love the chocolate cosmo that i slipped into my shopping at the
corn merchant

I found a paket of seeds that a guest had sent a couple of years ago
and I had put them safly away for the winter - so safely I only found
them again this year!

These lovely poppies were grown from seeds kindly sent by a guest - aren't
they gorgeous?!

I salvaged a broken galvanised water tank to use as a planter in a sunny spot
the round feed bowl (vintage '70's!) is waiting to be planted up still

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Watching the beach at Marazion

The sunset is creeping further over now towards
 St Micheal's Mount (View from or garden)

A sunset from our garden

We gave ourselves an early evening visit to Marazion the other evening and sat on the sea wall eating Fish and Chips watching an elegant gig sitting in the sand as children made sand castles around it. Slowly slowly the sea crept closer until the children's shoes floated on the soft gentle waves and the boat lifted into the water, only then did the Gig crews suddenly appear as if by magic to claim their boat and after an entreatingly few moments of boat watching they swiftly puled away towards St Michael's Mount.

The elevant Gig hihgh on the sands

Slowly the sea crept closer
Finally she lifted clear of the beach as the first waves lapped at her hull
Early evening but still the bathers bathed or was it braved!

We watched a yacht slide into the harbour at the foot of the Mount

The huddle of buildings around the harbour below
St Micheal's Mount

A fisherman's friend a determined dog!

Finally the gig crews came out to claim their boats

They sped easily out across the bay

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

A cat with a view

Spud Cat enjoying his snooze in a window

Spud cat has promoted himself to a Captains chair that sits in one of the barns upstairs windows and I couldn't resist trying to capture him with the Mount in the background - I'm sorry it is a bit dark so maybe I will have to read the camera instructions again rather than setting to Auto!!

Olly has still left a big hole in our lives and his sunny bench is strangely empty in the evenings but Spud is trying hard to "own" the house and little by little making it his own - sprinting across the lawns today to shin up the palm trees or lounging in the shade as the lawn mower went passed. The garden? well the Olympics have taken their toll I'm afraid and three days watching dressage and show jumping when I should have been weeding have exerted their price so back to work for me in the borders this week!

My white agapanthus have flowered at last

The exit from the gravel terrace in front of the
garden room

The skies cleared on Sunday beyond the garden to give
us a realy hot day not forcasst at all!

Looking down to the village of Perranuthnoe form our garden this weekend
doesn't that sea look like silk

The shipping lanes on the far horizon beyond our
sheltering Palms

One of the many tables and chairs that I have tucked away around the

Archie one of Danilons sons now aged three

Charles working with Rodger a nice young four year old - as you can
see it was quite windy that day! Rodger will be looking for a brilliant
home soon

A light super by the beach

My delicious Cray fish tail salad

Our guests came home the other day, full of praise  for the little Cabin Cafe, that is the last stop before the sea in Perranuthnoe and some times the washing up just doesn't call so it seemed an idea opportunity to sample this new young (two years probably but i move slowly sometimes!!) local eatery the other evening.

We found a proper beach cafe with the golden sand trodden up the slip way from the beach to its welcoming serving hatch surrounded by a gaggle of pre loved books for charity , buckets and spades beach ball and post cards. We pored over the black board menu and chose the Cray fish tail salad brilliant value at under £7 and just right for us before choosing a table on the deck too watch the evening surfers in the sea below and we were soon tucking into supper with a few other diners that appeared still sandy from the beach - couples nibbling ice cream, beautifully behaved children quietly eating beans on toast for high tea - as I said a proper beach cafe.... in fact boy did that cake look good i might have to go back - purely in the interest of research you understand!

Looking across the little cafe garden towards the gently
lapping waves

info from their web site:- "We offer food, drink and a smile throughout the day, from breakfast until teatime. Our opening hours vary depending on the time of year - 8.30am to 8.00pm in the high season, and 10.00am to 4.00pm in the winter. We are here every day except Christmas Day. If you want to check if we're open, feel free to call us on 01736 711733"

Also in Perranuthnoe the yummy Peppercorn Cafe I'm hoping they will open some evenings again this summer because their Pizzas were delicious and I'm too busy in the day tome to enjoy there wonderful food!!

and not forgetting the seriously foodie Victoria Inn (book at least three days in advance though)

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Has anything happened this week?

St Micheal's Mount has looked enchanting from our garden for the
last few mornings as we basked in proper summer sunshine

and a gorgeous day leads to a wonderful sunset

and that in turn leads to a crisp clear morning with the heat
still hanging in the courtyards form the evening before.

a little spider had been busy at the table that I sat and enjoyed the warm
evening only a few short hours ago

Another day, another sunset from our garden

I added a little table and chair to a quiet corner that should be in the shade as the day goes on

Tha beautiful blue sea across Mounts Bay

Looking across the bay and down to the village of course from our garden

Has anything happened since I last wrote our blog? Well the sleepy rhythm of the country side has moved along - the crickets have begun to sing  into the night and with a roll of the dice we had the sort of summer days i remember from ooh only a couple of years ago of bright blue skies and infinite blue seas....and promptly retired to the shade complaining of the heat! Walking along our lane today i noticed that the corn has started to turn colour but don't bring autumn yet it is far too soon!!

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

In honour of Agapanthus

August is here and it is time to honour the Agapanthus that have stolen
across the garden to fill the gravel terrace in front of the garden room.

Large blousey pom poms of bright blue colour they never fail to please me
in the mornings

Each year they march further afield

tucking themselves around the pots of Geraniums

I'd swear they had grown bigger this year as they had matured

In case of rain i retreat to the Garden room and one of the cosy wicker

and if thinking bright think very bright in this case our Crocosmia Lucifer
and those lively "Annuals" that have lived on from last year

Looking out across the lawn towards the Italian Garden with the far reach
of hills in the background that separates us from St Ives

A last look back towards the courtyard

and that wicker chair is just for me tucked amongst the Agapanthus
for a sleepy afternoon ( I wish!!)