Sunday, 12 August 2012

Has anything happened this week?

St Micheal's Mount has looked enchanting from our garden for the
last few mornings as we basked in proper summer sunshine

and a gorgeous day leads to a wonderful sunset

and that in turn leads to a crisp clear morning with the heat
still hanging in the courtyards form the evening before.

a little spider had been busy at the table that I sat and enjoyed the warm
evening only a few short hours ago

Another day, another sunset from our garden

I added a little table and chair to a quiet corner that should be in the shade as the day goes on

Tha beautiful blue sea across Mounts Bay

Looking across the bay and down to the village of course from our garden

Has anything happened since I last wrote our blog? Well the sleepy rhythm of the country side has moved along - the crickets have begun to sing  into the night and with a roll of the dice we had the sort of summer days i remember from ooh only a couple of years ago of bright blue skies and infinite blue seas....and promptly retired to the shade complaining of the heat! Walking along our lane today i noticed that the corn has started to turn colour but don't bring autumn yet it is far too soon!!