Saturday, 19 November 2011

A walk around Porthlevan Harbour

I hitched a lift with Charles to Porthlevan yesterday afternoon with the idea of taking some photos around the Harbour while he did his chores. Naturally my "great outing" turned out to be a dull afternoon and somebody had even let the water out of the harbour leaving the boats sulking on the glossy mud at the bottom of the harbour but as our German guest say "It is good to change the wallpaper" and i set of along the massive granite construction that has defied the seas and the winter gales for generations
But first i amused myself with a little window shopping - spotting this gorgeous little shop on the hill above the harbour filled with gentle colours and hand made crafts - it even smelled nice - check out the sculpture of a shoal of herrings in glossy tin sweeping across one wall.

Tearing myself away I ambled back towards the harbour and spotted this enticing courtyard just glimpsed under and arch way but no i was there to take a photo of the harbour

The tide was turning and the sea threshed about the outer harbour walls in the far distance with willowy sunshine trying to break through the clouds. i passed Locals gathered in knots mostly with a dog or two, to gossip or watch the haunting waters in the relentless rhythm of time and tide

I spotted the famous Ship clinging to the far side of the harbour peopled by good humoured men in woolly jumpers, with ceilings lined by beer mats

Before turning back along the granite quay lined with orderly houses, I peered dubiously at the unmercifully steep steps into the harbour

but did manage to creep down at least two to take a photo of some of the orderly lines of boats

but I felt the advice that "No jumping off this quay and steps when boats are coming in and going out of the harbour" was slightly waisted on me!

Charles pulled up promptly with the land rover just as I reached the end of the harbour - one more minute and I would have walked to the far side but I happily clambered back into the car and as we took the road our of Porthlevan towards Rinsey I took this one last shot of the sea relentlessly rolling in to the defiant harbour and Village of Porthlevan