Sunday, 6 November 2011

A weekend in November

St Micheal's Mount today

It's been a fantastic weekend here in Cornwall and for us a busy one. The car came back from the garage sporting a "new" recycled wing in a natty shade of gold just in time for me to go to the supermarket to collect the weekend groceries ready for our approaching weekend guests and then on into Penzance to collect the lovely hand made soaps from The Jean Barry Soap Co. (And a big thank you to the lovely lady who posted a few emergency bars to me earlier in the week!!) Charles tackled the lawns with his new can of petrol freshly bought from the local garage as I hastily collected the palm leaves that seem to cover the garden before they blocked the mower - I'm not exaggerating I use a ton builders merchant bag balanced on top of the wheelbarrow to cart them away! Then back to the house to arrange the roses I had just bought on the dressing tables - phew - we made it just in time!

The Fountain in the Parterre that I pass with the Brood mares early morning Breakfast

With Friday night and Guy Fawkes looming we brought the youngsters in for the weekend and now of course after two nights luxury their eager little faces were all waiting for their anticipated deep straw beds, so it looks like they are here to stay for the winter. At least now the clocks have changed our pre Breakfast feeding routine is now in the light - well for a few weeks at least. Evan I, enjoy going through the garden early in the morning to feed the mares making a trail in the early morning dew on the lawns.

And as our guest went this morning they said it was one of the nicest B&B's they had stayed in which made the weekend so much more enjoyable. Spud passed his B&B badge too raising his tail to its utmost extent in greeting and politely speaking to the guests when spoken too ( rather like an old fashioned child) he is not very car proof though so checking under wheels is a must from now on!