Tuesday, 22 November 2011

A cloud of sparows

I watched a cloud of sparrows land on the palm trees this morning to feast on the new berries from the recent flowering - if I watch the gravel closely I can often find the baby palm seedlings that germinate from the seeds dispensed by the birds.

The morning was unsure to start with - one of these days when the cat looks out of one door and after due thought, trudges back through the house to demand to be let out the of other one because with a cats logic the weather might be better on that side. It is very much the same when planning a day out for our visitors, if the weather hasn't moved on the Penzance coast then a trip over to the St Ives side should do the trick. But today By our breakfast time (fitted in after cats, horse and house guests if we have any) the sun had manged to filter through, casting shafts of light across the room and picking out the grapes on the Dining table to prick my conscience that i really must not waste them. I normally buy the grapes for the weekend guests breakfast and if they aren't eaten make them into a great pud by whipping cream and then folding in some yogurt - next slice the grapes and line a quiche dish, top with the cream/yogurt mixture, sprinkle with brown sugar and then refrigerate for a while to get to know itself!

We were entertained this morning by Spud galloping around the floor, sliding on the rugs and generally bugging poor Ollie who is looking more and more like an enraged Colonel each day!

The problem with the younger generation by Ollie Cat