Tuesday, 1 November 2011

A walk to Marazion

The public footpath across the front field at Ednovean Farm

Well our car remains resolutely in the garage and so we took that path across our front field that our guest so often take and set off for a rare walk together to Marazion to visit the doctors surgery there to collect a prescription.

Our lives sit in the eye of the storm today enjoying balmy sunshine and idyllic blue skies, I think that this may be a Cornish "Day lent" though with a gale coming in later in the week for the first day of November it was magical.

I glanced across at our mares loitering outside of our garden enjoying the shelter belt and at 1.30a.m already having an eye to the gate and a listening ear towards the house with their thoughts of super to come.

WE cut up through Perranuthnoe and took the inland footpath beside the Church that winds across the farmland and soon Mounts Bay came back into view with that perfect Blue sky and tossing waves coming into the shore

St Micheal's Mount looked wonderful as ever, a pearl in the Bay, made luminous by the low Autumn light

and of course we looked down on Marazion with the high sweep of moors in the far distance behind.

Each field revealed a new view of the Mount - was this one better than that - I'll take a picture of them all just to be sure!

And the path led us onwards through the growing crops so typical of West Cornwall

until finally we looked down on Top Teig beach in Marazion and panting slightly we settled on a handy bench to admire the view before cutting through Marazion church yard and up to the main road.

As we waited for the surgery to open I took this pic of Tren Crom - I used to ride my pony form Rosudgeon to St Ives via the base of the hill as a teenager when the buses didn't run - but I am not that energetic now. Alas our prescription wasn't ready so we bought two Mars bars and set off via a slightly different route for home

A narrow winding path soon took us back to the sea and this time we walked along the shore where the vegetation tumbles to the very sea and the earthy cliffs rise touched by red umber above. Eventually the beach gave way to a steep metal set of steps that our lurcher Blaise used to regard with deep suspicion when he was alive.

and once more we walked along the edge of the cliff towards Trenow Cove

with just a backwards look towards St Micheal's Mount

I was intrigued to find a Facebook indicator along the way and will look them up later when i have finished my blog - I can never resist clicking "Like" I read a joke the other day that put forward the idea that if Facebook crash dispossessed people would go up to perfect strangers in the street pushing photos in their faces screaming but do you LIKE this. yes i love Mounts Bay is my answer!

The recent storms have brought in a generous helping of sea weed to the shore and with it the delightful aroma of the sea. Evocative, enchanting the smell of the sea shore is almost hypnotic to me but not as much as my aching legs and so i wimped out on walking passed Boat Cove and Perran sands and we cut back up a cart track that leads back towards the village watching the walkers on the lower path, just at the waters edge and stopping to admire this rare white short legged something ( sorry read the blurb by the field gate but forgot the breed)

We stopped to admire a little meadow

and then back through the village and up the field where, yes our supper que had moved a little closer to the house.

We finally emerged on to the back lane and glancing across to the back fields, the youngsters had also gathered ready for their evening Hayledge.

and so we came home with just time for a cup of tea before the witching hours that all horses attend, never missing a day, dutifully on time, and never leaving a crumb. Horse super time!!