Sunday, 27 November 2011

Porthleven - the far side!

Sunday glorious Sunday and with the chill but captivating sunshine I was able to return to Porthleven and walk the far side of the harbour. As you would expect somebody had still let all of the water out leaving the boats marooned on the shiny silt but in contrast to my visit earlier in the week today the sea had an oily calm in the far harbour.

The houses were reflected in the widening channel of water spilling in with two beautiful swans substituting for the traditional seagulls - well it is Sunday after all.

The boats waited in orderly disarray

The fishing pots were stacked as few fisherman will put to sea on a Sunday still in Cornwall

and the massive brooding structure of the harbour

The beautiful granite structure was well worth the visit alone

A few fisherman

The harbour started to slowly fill hiding the shiny world of channels and silt and as i waited for Charles by the designated phone box i couldn't help but turn my atttention to watch passers by glancing at the bill board - pixels of village life mounted on a wall - long forgotten events but still recorded in the sraps of paper.........

until beep ..........Charles arrived with the trusty landrover and it was time to go home to feed the horses and bed - a half an hours adventure at Porthleven!