Friday, 4 November 2011

After the storm

The sunset beyond the garden taken from our entrance path

The skies cleared to a beautiful day yesterday although you wouldn't have thought so if you had listened to the weather forecast. I have taken to watching the satellite animation these days and looking for Cornwall's "foot" protruding from the gloom. I was lucky again this morning and the skies look clear so I hope that is going to bode a good weekend for our approaching guests.

Our new household - what shall I call him incumbent? Familiar? Apprentice mouser? (pet sound so ordinary) has settled in well and i will be disappointed if his real owner comes forward (but understanding) From the first hours and days, when he wailed constantly unless Charles and I were sitting very still within his eye sight, he has blossomed into bugging Ollie and racing around the garden finding all of the official cat shortcuts. True the young horses were very suspicious of his flashing white form and Toffee is still deeply suspicious after Spuds foray into his stable but generally mass equine panic has been replaced by mild interest. Spud? Yes Charles chose the name! Spud's war wounds are healing nicely and the crusty scabs that ringed the end of his tail have been replaced by fresh pink skin - I would hazard a guess that something had been tightly tied to it but who knows - Spud isn't saying and he lives in an ecstatic now scattering Ollies' redundant cat toys and skating on the rugs across the floor boards. And today the weather is far too nice to stay inside, his forays out are getting longer - it's going to be a good day.

The last minutes of the day at Ednovean Farm yesterday