Sunday, 11 September 2011

This September

The first days of Autumn and the shadows grow longer, the lanes are full of Blackberry pickers and the garden drifts on steadily approaching its climax when the Pampass grasses flower

We finished preening the box at last and rewarded ourselves with another trip to Peppercorn Piazza Parlour for one of the last regular openings but eh young man assured us they will serve evening Piazzas a couple of times a week into the winter

Prawn Sweet chili and rocket in case you are wondering with Lemon spritzers

We returned to Ednovean Farm to watch the last fingers of the sun creeping through the palm trees

Mounts Bay again from just outside of the Blue room this time

and of course Ollie's unchanging routine of catching the evening sun outside of the Pink room before transferring to the courtyard steps - its a busy life for him. What will the rest of the month hold for us - not sure but brisk winds for this week I think! Take care Christine