Saturday, 27 September 2014

The last day of Summer

One of the unspoilt coves that line Mounts Bay

We celebrated the last day of summer in splendid isolation, last Sunday,on one of the secluded little coves that line Mounts bay. We  slipped into the chilly waters to swim before picnicking on the foreshore and absorbed  wonderful memories of a stolen day of sunshine before setting off for home, sure that would be the end of summer............ but do you know? We did it all again this afternoon and the sea was much much warmer in fact!

The joy of a staycation - no lost days in airports before being scanned for explosives and removing sundry items of clothing and personal belongings that disappear on a conveyor belt. No panics about passports and tickets. No watching the lady with the baby heading for the empty seat beside you before spending the flight as an unofficial nanny Ah the anticipation of the cellophane wrapped meal with plastic cutlery..........Just open the front door and set off in the Cornish sunshine for an instant away from it all adventure! and the last day of Summer?? Well not yet - not in Cornwall anyway! happy sigh

We sat and listened to the waves rolling in

Friday, 19 September 2014

Walking from Ednovean Farm

We have easy access to the coastal footpath from Ednovean Farm and our guests have set out regularly across the farm throughout the summer but you know!  Charles and I have stayed at home! So with the unexpected Indian Summer giving warm days of balmy sunshine and an alarm clock purchased for the giddy sum of £6 from Sainsbury's, we've set off for a second day  to enjoy the path ourselves!

Charles with lunch in his back pack

Within half an hour we had chosen a secluded cove and were sitting  and munching the bacon sandwiches that Charles had magically produced from his backpack. We watched a cormorant diving beneath the swell and by the time tea was poured from a flask, a neat Tern settled in the more sheltered water in front of us pirouetting like a ballet dancer with a whisk of its short important tail. Sorry but the camera was just out of reach and really nothing should interfere with a a good bacon sandwich! As the sun came out we settled down to snooze  with a wary eye on the time. Oh that steadily ticking clock that told us when it was time to head for home and meet more guest arriving for Ednovean farm, ready to start a new holiday and perhaps walk the footpath stopping to sample the blackberries along the way. Still it was good to get out and remind ourselves about the treasures on our doorstep.

Blackberries above a cornish cove - sorry i was hurrying for
home and forgot to check the settings on the camera!

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Coves to explore on summers fading days

A ruined boat shed on a deserted Cornish cove

We stole away last week to walk from Ednovean Farm across the fields towards the coastal path as the last days of Summer slowly faded but still gave  a promise of sunshine and perhaps a dip in the cool silent seas. The coastal footpath near us passes so many deserted coves, maybe it is the pebbly beaches or the walk from the car parks that stops so many people from exploring the hidden places along the cliffs but I know I can always find a silent deserted cove all to my self, away from the thronged sandy beaches.

The tide stealing silently in to a deserted spot - well apart
 from us of course!

There are quiet sandy beaches too of course the walk to  Rinsey beach from the National Trust car park springs to mind. Reached by zig zagging down the cliff and finally sliding down through a little gully to the vast expanse of sand exposed at low tide it is best to take anything you would like to eat or drink for the day with you as this is not the place with a beach cafe and post card selection. Or maybe Portheras Cove - about a miles walk along the coastal path from Pendeen lighthouse in the St Ives direction, again it is a rare treat of unspoilt beauty carefully cared for by a dedicated band of locals to keep it in a pristine condition. But again they are not unpaid refuse collectors so do leave not a trace of your day there.

Trevean Cove

This September has been an unexpected treat and we realises nearly  too late that we had not even swum in the sea this year and so we set off with a picnic and  a flask of hot sweet tea to bask in the sunshine one afternoon and finally swim in the sea warmed as it slid quietly back into a deserted cove - just bliss! Oh and no sand in the sandwiches either!! Did you see my post about our adventure in our new wordpress blog?

Charles demonstrating hardly a ripple in the sea

We walked home stopping to turn to admire the view back to Cudden Point and the imposing facade of Acton Castle

Acton Castle

Cudden Point

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Sunset of summer days but Autumn breaks ahead

The lingering sunsets of late summer

What could be a more perfect end to the day than a vibrant sunset. I walked up to the top one of our  fields for a different view of the bay at Ednovean Farm last night and I was rewarded with a view of the tide rippling across the rocks of Mounts Bay. So  far below me and off to my right in Marazion on a warm still evening. September has delivered the sort of weather that you tend to remember on childhood holidays when you were giddily allowed to stay up a little bit later than usual. Those holidays in Cornwall that started in the dead of night as a child sleeping on the back seat of a car on roads that wound for hours to a chorus of "Are we there yet!" The thrill of the first mesmerising glimpse of the sea of Cornwall that always draws you back to relive childhood holidays and ponder the sunset at the end of a warm September day.

Mounts bay at sunset

A perfect end to the day in Cornwall

Visit our august garden

Did you find my August garden update at the new wordpress blog? Do pop along and have a look and catch up with the Ednovean gardens after this beautiful summer. I've also included a few suggestions of the best gardens to visit this month within easy reach of us in West Cornwall.

The last of the evening sunshine catching the grasses
that frame the Italian garden's entrance

Autumn breaks and winter holidays

As Summer is slipping away from little by little and the spring bulbs are appearing in the shops I thought it was time to put our popular Autumn /Winter three day special breaks together - Aptly named Winter beaters and storm chaser!  Just go to the  reservations tab on our new website and select your three day break from October onwards and you will find a £10 reduction for each night when you complete your reservation. Or of course phone we love to hear from you - it is surprising how many guests we meet again after a number of years as their lives have taken in other directions away from Cornwall!

A walk along the coast footpath from Perranuthnoe to Marazion

Goodnight for now from Ednovean Farm